Sep 192008

For days ahead of time, the names, the ideas, the temptations rolled through her head. Who to choose? What to choose? The dilemma knocked around like gravel in a cement mixer whenever she least expected it. Could she bring herself to ask for what she wanted, not just a simplistic, good girl polite request? The money could give her the means to potentially have it; yet, her submissive nature fought hard against it, frantic to not accept the controls.

Even as she read the various descriptions as they trickled in, her hungers growled ferociously within her. Losing herself in details of fantastical whispers, firm grips and tender embraces, all made more steamy by the hours of marinating in her imagination, she still reeled with the difficulty of deciding.

She knew, deep within her, some of the details she envisioned. She knew what she hoped to feel, to hear, perhaps even to see (or not), or to taste. Little snapshots she was afraid to give into, to give voice, to conjure like an fiery djinn. Little pictures of how she wanted and needed to be. Would she speak the words?

But now, finally, it was time.

Time to put her money on the table on the block, and give voice to her cravings. She looked around one last time, each of the strong, Dominant personalities drawing to different parts of her. Closing her eyes tightly for a moment, she allowed herself one more moment to envision the other side of the “purchase.” At last, her resolution and bravery held her firmly,

Her hazel eyes, now gleaming with promise and desire, opened widely. Somehow she was not surprised as the person was right before her, ready to claim what she was eager to relinquish. Ready to let her give… Ready to let her receive…

She was ready too…

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