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A Hot Dark Continent – African Residents and Refugees, FetLife, verified 2013-Apr-15
Open to all Africans from the tip to the top of this great sweaty, beautiful, bountiful, untamed land mass. You are welcome if you are African born, bred, or even if you just think we are wonderful.

AfroCentric BDSM : For black men and black women in BDSM who don’t hate their own kind, FetLife, verified 2013-Dec-06
For the few black men and black women in the world of BDSM who don’t hate their own kind. For those who believe in black love. No haters or self-loathers. No skin bleachers. No wannabes. Peace. For black men and black women.

New Black Order – AFRICA, FetLife, verified 2013-Dec-06
Intentions: Encourage Black people to come forward with confidence, attitude and realise the white people are not really as good as them; aim to state to would be slaves that the white race is running out of steam.

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