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Asia Erotic Hypnosis, FetLife, verified 2014-May-24
For those interested in erotic hypnosis in particular but those interested in hypnosis within other contexts are also available, specifically for those located in Asia to make connections with others with similar interests also located in Asia.

Asia Kink Community Organizers Forum~AKCOF, FetLife, verified 2014-May-23
For Kink Community organizers in Asia. Goal: To share knowledge among those organizing Kink Community events in Asia.

Asians: Afghanistan Bangladesh Bhutan Brunei Burma Cambodia China Hong Kong India Indonesia Japan Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan Laos Macau Malaysia Mongolia Nepal North Korea Pakistan The Philippines Singapore South Korea Sri Lanka Taiwan Tajikistan Thailand Thai, FetLife, verified 2014-May-23
For all Asians and admirers.

Bangalore Kinksters, FetLife, verified 2013-May-03
Dedicated to ONLY Real life BDSM kinksters that are originally from Bangalore and current or past residents of this great city or even visitors that seek to make new friends on their visits here whether frequent or occasional.

Bangalore whatsapp, FetLife, reviewed 2015-Jul-28
To bring all fetlife users under one whatsapp group for Bangalore users.

bdsm in bangalore, FetLife, verified 2013-May-03
objective is to provide a forum for people in bangalore who are in to thsi life style.

BodhiKink – exploring alternate sexuality in India, FetLife, verified 2013-May-03
Focused on learning and exploring aspects of sexuality in all forms – alternative, kinky, spiritual and otherwise. We aim to do so through online discussions and by organizing events including book readings, workshops, demos to educate, explore and further deepen our understanding of kink, BDSM and sexuality.

Bombay Fetish, FetLife, verified 2013-May-03
Focusses on people of bombay.It is to help them meet for social gathering… And discuss similar issues… Only bombayites allowed

Cuckold/cuckquean in India, FetLife, verified 2013-May-03
A cosy place for everyone sharing their love for this fetish. Mostly for people based in India, but not only.

Cuckold in Bangalore, FetLife, reviewed 2015-May-17
For all the hotwifes, cuckold, cuckqeans and bulls to come together, interact, discuss and perhaps meet other couples or singles.

Delhi & Gurgaon BDSM, Fetish and Kink Community., FetLife, verified 2013-May-03
One stop for everything Kinky in Delhi, Gurgaon and nearby areas. Delhi and Gurgaon community are for those that live or frequently visit here.

Delhi BDSM!!, FetLife, verified 2013-May-03
For kinky people from Delhi-NCR (no restrictions for ppl residing elsewhere) to share, meet and experience other side of their lifestyles. Purpose: to ‘serve’ as a introduction platform for those who want to experience the BDSM in real life, and help them meet someone they desire!!

Delhi Fucked Hard!!!, FetLife, verified 2013-May-03
Formed to facilitate BDSM and related activities in and around Delhi.

Dom/sub & Master/slaves in TamilNadu, FetLife, verified 2013-May-03
For like minded kinksters in and around TN or southern India.

Female Domination in India, FetLife, verified 2013-May-03
Where you can find interact with Indian Mistress and if they wish we can serve them online and in real.

Fetish Photography India, FetLife, verified 2013-May-03
Nude,Erotic and Fetish Photography Enthusiasts in India Unite!

FETLIFE in India, FetLife, verified 2013-May-03
For all people interested in the lifestyle residing in or visiting India.

Free Domestic Servants in Mumbai, FetLife, reviewed 2015-Jun-30
For genuine servants and genuine service seekers. No sex seekers.

মুক্ত কাম ( FREE SEX), FetLife, reviewed 2015-Jul-27
এইটি একটি মুক্ত কাম মনের মানুষদের মিলন ক্ষেত্র। যে কোন মুক্ত কাম মনের মানুষ (সমকামী, উভকামী, বি ডি এস এম, বউ বদলে ইচ্ছুক দম্পতি) সবাই এখানে যোগদান করতে পারেন।
— Meant for the FREE Sex People. Any Gay, Bi, Lesbian, BDSM, Swapping Couple, Single like minded people can join in this group.

মুক্ত মনন ( FREE WILL ), FetLife, reviewed 2015-Jul-27
এইটি একটি মুক্ত কাম মনের মানুষদের মিলন ক্ষেত্র। যে কোন মুক্ত কাম মনের মানুষ (সমকামী, উভকামী, বি ডি এস এম, বউ বদলে ইচ্ছুক দম্পতি) সবাই এখানে যোগদান করতে পারেন।
— For the FREE Sex People. Any Gay, Bi, Lesbian, BDSM, Swapping Couple, Single like minded people can join in this group.

The India Kink Collective, FetLife, verified 2013-May-03
For anyone who is interested in participating in educational events, organizing or activism with the goal of making India a safer and sexier place to be kinky.

Indian BD&SM, FetLife, verified 2013-May-03

Indian CD’s, Sissy’s, TG’s and Interested, FetLife, reviewed 2015-Aug-02
To bring all the Cross dressers, sissy’s, TG’s from India together.

indian female subs, FetLife, verified 2013-May-03
For indian women that are submissive. join this so all the dom guys can come and check you out. we are here to meet others and do sinful things to each other.

Kinksters in Orissa/Odisha, FetLife, verified 2015-Apr-29
To bring more people together to enjoy and embrace this form of human interaction.

Kinksters in Pune, Maharashtra, India, FetLife, reviewed 2015-Aug-17
For Pune Kinksters.

Kinky Goa Beach-Paradise (KGB), FetLife, verified 2013-May-03
For the Kinksters who live in or visit Goa, India. For those of us who live here, an opportunity to get together and for the visiting fetishist, an opportunity to share their views, have some fun

Kinky India – BDSM, Fetish and Kink Community., FetLife, verified 2013-May-03
One stop for everything kinky in India. This is Modern India, unabashed and kinky! Having fun and bringing like minded Indians together is the aim of this group. If you have Indian roots, or related to India in anyway, you are welcome to the group.

Kinky Shaadi, FetLife, reviewed 2015-Jun-30
For people of all genders seeking a life partner to marry.

Kolkata Masters & slaves, FetLife, verified 2013-May-03
A Meeting Point for all Straight and Gay Masters and slaves @ Kolkata. Rules: Either be a Master or Slave…others please stay away

Naughty India, FetLife, verified 2013-May-03
Created to keep the real essence of BDSM in India. We as a group are trying to gather as many people interested into BDSM by organizing real time meetings, online discussions.

Naughty India Classified, FetLife, verified 2013-May-03
A group of Indian people who respect people from all races and respect everyone’s fetishes and kink. We are not here to judge anyone but we are here to grow as a family. This group wants to be a show case of the new generation of Indian Kinksters and show that world that we have arrived and inviting you with open arms.

Newbies in Delhi and Around, FetLife, verified 2013-May-03
Not only is important to teach us abt this lifestyle,however, its also important to make ourselves passionate about it so we believe in it.

RIK Classifieds, FetLife, verified 2013-May-03
Looking for a partner or maybe someone to have experiments/sessions with? This is a group devoted to those who are in India and Seeking.

RIK (Real Indian Kinksters)-Kink Community in India, FetLife, verified 2013-May-03
Social networking and support group for People in India or of Indian origin in kink community; promoting a safe space for sharing ideas and knowledge. Restricted to: Real Kinksters in India and those who love India.

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