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Athletic and Kinky in DC, FetLife, verified 2017-Feb-24
To discuss local events, activities, trails, workout venues or anything else related to physical fitness in the DC metro area; to discuss physical fitness and gain support in a healthy active lifestyle; to help local kinksters find activity partners and plan group activities…

American University Kinksters (AUK)- An Official Munch Club, FetLife, reviewed 2017-Feb-24
Ages 18-29. Goal: Create a safe space for all, both physically and emotionally; create a supportive community; educate people about safe, sane, and consensual (SSC) kink and sexual practices; open environment for members to discuss, without judgment, their own sexualities, experiences, emotions.

Baltimore/DC Rope Bottoms, FetLife, verified 2017-Feb-24
For rope bottoms to discuss all aspects of bottoming in rope including responsibilities, safety, communication, negotiation, any other topic related to being a rope bottom.

Baltimore/DC Strip & Sexy Games, FetLife, reviewed 2017-Feb-24
For anyone local interested in getting together for games to take clothes off and/or enjoy sexy forfeits. Make the favorite board and card games even better with happy naked fun times.

Baltimore Fetish Group, FetLife, verified 2017-Feb-24
Supports kinky people in the Baltimore/Washington Area. People from other parts of Maryland are welcome as well.

BaltoFornication, FetLife, verified 2017-Feb-24
Local clearing house for event listings in the MD/DC/VA areas. Host events in the Baltimore area, from open play parties, to sex/swing parties, to adult and kid friendly movie nights, discussion groups, education nights and game nights.

BDSM 101 for Dummies, FetLife, verified 2017-Feb-24
For new people to ask questions about the BDSM lifestyle and for older members to share their experiences in their BDSM Life, and to assist newer members in their journey! Learning Events will be hosted in Baltimore City, Rockville, Frederick, DC and Surrounding Areas

Black and Kinky in Washington DC (DMV area), FetLife, verified 2017-Feb-24
Primarily a networking/socializing forum for those who are both black and kinky, in the area of Washington DC and the DC/Md/Va area, who would like to meet with others who are black and kinky, for simple friendship, socialization, playing/scening, and more. Open to those who are not black.

Black BEAT Headquarters – MD – DC, FetLife, verified 2017-Feb-24
Black BEAT Maryland and DC residents may join us for munches and gatherings.

Black Rose, verified 2017-Feb-24
Black Rose, FetLife, verified 2017-Feb-24
Support, education, and social group for adults. Diverse group, open to those of any orientation. Goal: To provide a comfortable, safe, and discreet environment where one can meet others of like mind. Not a swingers group or a sex club. Not-for-profit organization.

Black Rose Tickle SIG, FetLife, verified 2017-Feb-24
Merging soon into Main BR Fet group here. aka Black Rose Teathers ‘n Feathers (TnF) SIG. Sponsors tickle events in the DC metro area.

BmorePoly, Meetup, verified 2017-Feb-24
Social group open to anyone in the DC/MD/VA area interested in a range of honest sex-positive and people-positive alternative relationship possibilities including polyamory, lifestyle, kink, sacred sexuality, personal growth, and the crossover between them all

BoundDC, FetLife, verified 2017-Feb-24
Open Door club in Washington, DC. Open to all who practice and/or are curious about Alternative Lifestyles of all types.

Capital Ladies Brunch Group, FetLife, verified 2017-Feb-24
Under auspices of MAsT DC Pan. Purpose: To socialize, discuss successes and challenges in the M/s lifestyle, and form a bond with other ladies who are active or interested in the M/s community.

Crucible, verified 2017-Feb-24
Crucible’s Official Group, FetLife, verified 2017-Feb-24
Offers events from beginning 101 nights to extreme kink to swingers! DC’s Only Alternate Lifestyles/BDSM Private Club

DC Area BDSM, FetLife, verified 2017-Feb-24
For those in and around the Washington DC/Metro area. Discuss most anything related to the DC scene regarding events, happenings, and questions related to local scene activities.

DC Area TLG (The Lost Generation, 30’s & 40’s), verified 2017-Feb-24
For those who have the common bond of growing up in the 70’s and 80’s, partners and family members who might be in their 20’s or 50’s+. To network, commiserate, rant, rave, remember, socialize, plan events, etc.

DC area Photography, FetLife, verified 2017-Feb-24
For models, Photographer, Designers, MUA, and generally anyone interested in photography. For DC/MD/VA.

DC Boys of Leather, verified 2017-Feb-24
Mission: To provide a supportive environment to have fun, learn, educate, socialize, contribute, and grow as individuals and as members of our community.

DC Dominatrixes, FetLife, verified 2017-Feb-24
Dedicated to the Dominatrix in the Washington DC area!

DC Eagle, verified 2017-Feb-24
DC Eagle, Facebook, verified 2017-Feb-24
DC Eagle, Twitter, verified 2017-Feb-24
Washington DC’s Historic Gay Leather, Levi, Rubber, Uniform, Gear and Jock Bar. All are welcome – Jeans and a T-Shirt work great too

DC Kinky Bikers, FetLife, verified 2017-Feb-24
For anyone in DC or near DC that enjoys riding motorcycles. You don’t have to be affiliated with any other groups or have a specific brand or type of motorcycle.

DC Littles Munch, verified 2017-Feb-24
DC Littles Munch, FetLife, verified 2017-Feb-24
Meets monthly in Bethesda. For ageplayers of all kinds, big or little, friends, and curious folks looking to learn more. MD/DC/VA Age Play/AB Munch

DC Masters Round Table, FetLife, verified 2017-Feb-24
Monthly gathering of like minded Masters and Mistresses from around the DC Area.

DC Metro Area Mentors/Trainers/Trainees, FetLife, verified 2017-Feb-24
ISO Group for people seeking mentors, trainers, mentorship, and trainees in the Washington, DC metro area.

DC Metro Bulls/Cucks/Hotwives, FetLife, verified 2017-Feb-24
For anyone interested or active within the cuckolding/hotwife lifestyle, and local to DC metropolitan area.

DC metro hook up and NSA, FetLife, verified 2017-Feb-24
Looking for alternative Craigslist NSA and hooking up?

DC Metro Kinksters Wine Adventures, FetLife, reviewed 2017-Feb-24
Dedicated to those who love wine and who want to meet in a public setting and socialize with others who appreciate wine.

DC/Metro Kinky Craft and Hobby Corner, FetLife, verified 2017-Feb-24, -INACTIVE-
Ideally, we’d rotate around to various members’ houses for a hobby skillshare once a month

DC Metro Kinky Goods Barter, FetLife, verified 2017-Feb-24
For goods, not services, sexual favors, sex trade, hook ups, bashing, or being shitty to other people.

DC Metro Strap On Fans, FetLife, verified 2017-Feb-24
For those who are interested in strap on play in DC Metro area.

DC Milk, Lactation, ANR/ABF and Inducing, FetLife, verified 2017-Feb-24
Interested in adult breastfeeding? Are you in an adult breastfeeding relationship now, or want to be? Want to learn how it works? Would you like to meet others and share tits, err, TIPS and get answers? Primarily for Washington, DC-MD-Northern VA-Eastern Panhandle WV-South Central PA residents

DC/NOVA/MD Female Submissives for Male Dominants, FetLife, verified 2017-Feb-24
An ISO board for female submissives who are looking, specifically, for male dominants in the DC/NOVA/MD area. Open to discussion topics surrounding Fem Sub/Male Dom relationships.

DC/NOVA/MD Models, Photographers, Artist guild., FetLife, reviewed 2017-Feb-24
For Models, Fetish models, photographers, makeup artists, etc. Amateur or professional. Helps unite and assist in helping models, photographers and makeup artist collaborate and get together.

DC Outdoor Fun, FetLife, verified 2017-Feb-24, -INACTIVE-
Tell us about experiences, your recommendations and maybe we can make this real!

DC Personals, FetLife, verified 2017-Feb-24
For DC area Kink relationships. Whether it be play, service, ownership-whatever you are seeking in a BDSM kink relationship.(DC,MD,VA)

DC Rope, FetLife, verified 2017-Feb-24
Very friendly crowd of rope lovers who have a passion for sharing their rope knowledge and making all members feel welcome!

DCS aka DC Spankers, FetLife, verified 2017-Feb-24
DCS aka DC Spankers, Yahoo, verified 2017-Feb-24
Open to all that are interested in spanking, primarily in DC Metro area

DC Sissy subs, FetLife, verified 2017-Feb-24
For sissy subs and those who love us in the DC area.

DC Submissive SIG, FetLife, verified 2017-Feb-24
For those in the DC Metro area who identify as submissive or slave and have an interest in the monthly Submissive SIG hosted at Castle Griffin.

DC TNG, FetLife, verified 2017-Feb-24
Real life group of people who meet on a regular basis to receive support from others who share a common interest and seek to get educated on a variety of BDSM and Fetish topics that are highly relevant and applicable to our group of young and young at heart kinksters.

DCS Book Club, FetLife, verified 2017-Feb-24
For members of the DCS community interested in reading spanking novels and stories in an organized fashion. Monthly dinner meeting in addition to online discussions of our chosen books.

East Coast Cuckold and Hotwife, FetLife, verified 2017-Feb-24
Created to give cuckolds and Hotwives a broader range, with specific areas of interest, for better connection and communication. AL-AR-CT-DC-DE-FL-GA-IL-IN-KY-LA-LAB-MA-MD-ME-MI-MS-NB-NC-NFLD-NH-NJ-NS-NY-OH-ONT-PA-PR-QB-RI-SC-TN-VA-VT-WV

East Coast Unemployed Networking, FetLife, verified 2017-Feb-24
For people on the East Coast to network for jobs and support one another. NY,NJ,DE,PA,MD,VA to start with. Anyone hear of anything good? Anyone need something?

Elitist and Kinky in DC, FetLife, reviewed 2017-Feb-24
Hosts weekly Happy Hours as well as many other events in a low-key, friendly atmosphere at venues across the District targeted at successful professionals who would like to network with like-minded people.

Fairfax: Non-specific I want company, FetLife, verified 2017-Feb-24
Need to get out of the house more? Want to make new friends and meet new people but have trouble getting off your ass to do it? Open to Virginia, DC, and Suburban MD kinksters.

Fetcycle in MD/DC/NoVA, FetLife, verified 2017-Feb-24
A place where you can post items you have that you no longer need and are willing to give away for free. Or perhaps you need something and want to know if anyone might have one to give. Maybe you’d like to trade items.

Freaks of DC, MD and VA, FetLife, verified 2017-Feb-24
Personals groups for anyone in the DC metro area.

GW SSC Kink Club, FetLife, verified 2017-Feb-24
For students of George Washington University.

Hitchin’ Bitches DC/Baltimore, FetLife, verified 2017-Feb-24
For female rope riggers/rope tops/dominants. We meet to learn, share, and experience rope first hand based upon the Peer to Peer and un-conference learning and sharing concepts. As a group for female riggers, women do the tying, the teaching, the demoing and the topping at this event.

International Violet Wand Guild Washington DC Chapter, FetLife, verified 2017-Feb-24
Open to all those that own/play with wands in the DC metro area. Restricted to: Guild members in the Washington DC metro area

Kinky & Geeky in the DC/MD/VA Area, FetLife, verified 2017-Feb-24
For kinky geeks and geeky kinksters in the Washington DC/Maryland/Virginia area. Shoot the shit, meet your geeky love, find some nerdy play, organize something awesome.

Kinky DC Brunch, FetLife, reviewed 2017-Feb-24
For bottomless brunches, get drunk and talk about kink?

KinkyJews DC/MD/VA, FetLife, verified 2017-Feb-24
For Jewish kinksters and their associates in the greater Washington, DC area. Affiliated with the KinkyJews website and the group in NYC.

Kinky Ravers- EDM in the DMV, FetLife, reviewed 2017-Feb-24
DC/ MD/ VA kinksters that love EDM <3 PLUR. Meet-ups/ dance party's/ events in the works. Kinky Singles Events — DC Metro Area, FetLife, verified 2017-Feb-24
For anyone who has the time and desire to form a long-term emotional relationship with another person who happens to live in the Washington DC Metro area.

Maryland DC Poly, FetLife, verified 2017-Feb-24
For people interested in MD-DC area Poly activities. Please post your events here. Discussions or questions always welcome.

Maryland, Virginia, DC NEWBIES, Fetlife, verified 2017-Feb-24
If you are new to this life or just new to the area and want talk and meet with people feel free to join. Many links to events and resources through out the region: munches, play parties, education, vendors.

MAsT DC Pan, FetLife, verified 2017-Feb-24
Discussion group for those interested in the Master/slave lifestyle. One does not have to be in an M/s relationship, but should be interested in learning more about it. Pansexual; all orientations are warmly welcomed and encouraged to attend

MAsT Washington, verified 2017-Feb-24
MAsT Washington, FetLife, verified 2017-Feb-24
Support group for MALE Masters, slaves and those interested in the Master/slave lifestyle. Discusses different aspects of the Master/slave dynamic.

MD/DC/VA + DE + PA Vampires – Meetings, FetLife, verified 2017-Feb-24
Dedicated to Vampires & Donors who live both a BDSM and a Vampire lifestyle in the Maryland, DC, Virginia, Delaware, and Pennsylvania areas.

MD VA DC Spanking and Bondage, FetLife, verified 2017-Feb-24
Social gathering of like minded people for DC Spanking, devoted to consensual adult spanking play and Bondage.

MD VA DC Spanking Society, FetLife, verified 2017-Feb-24
Gathering of like minded people for DC Spanking, a social organization in the Wahington,D.C., Virginia and Maryland metro area, devoted to consensual adult spanking play.

The Metro Underground, verified 2017-Feb-24
The Metro Underground, FetLife, verified 2017-Feb-24
Gateway to the Entire Spectrum of the Alternative, Adult, & Underground Scene for DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Richmond, & the Mid-Atlantic Region. Hosts a number of events both large & small, public & private throughout the year.

Mid-Atlantic girls of Leather (MAgoL), reviewed 2017-Feb-24
Mid-Atlantic girls of Leather (MAgoL), Facebook, reviewed 2017-Feb-24
Mid-Atlantic girls of Leather (MAgoL), FetLife, reviewed 2017-Feb-24
Membership not limited by ethnicity, race, orientation, ability, gender identity, age, orientation, economic status; identification of Leathergirl essential. Mission: Provide local community service, foster social interaction, while claiming space for spirit of girls in the leather community.

Montgomery County TNG, FetLife, verified 2017-Feb-24
Safe, accepting place to meet new people, share experiences, and just relax and have fun! Ages 18-30. To connect like-minded, young individuals of TNG, residing and/or working in or near Silver Spring, Germantown, Bethesda, Rockville, Gaithersburg, Washington DC, etc.

MTTA Academy, reviewed 2017-Feb-24
MTTA Academy, FetLife, reviewed 2017-Feb-24
Weekend experience for both Masters and slaves. Goal: Help participants find their heart and spirit through education and interaction. Designed to give a real time experience of the Master/slave lifestyle by the incorporation of protocols and service aspects and many classes of various topics.

Multicultural Munch (DC-MD-No.VA), Yahoo, verified 2017-Feb-24, -INACTIVE-
Aimed at bringing all people together, who enjoy and have interest in the leather lifestyle, be they experienced or novice.

Northeastern submissive women, FetLife, verified 2017-Feb-24
Dedicated to fostering supportive communication and relationships amongst submissive women in northeastern states. CT-DC-DE-MA-MD-ME-NH-NJ-NY-PA-RI-VT

NOVA / DC / MD area CDs, TGs and their admirers, FetLife, verified 2017-Feb-24
Where Crossdressers, TGs, and their lovers can all get together and share a story or two, and hopefully make a connection.

NOVA kinksters, FetLife, verified 2017-Feb-24
Designed for the happy kinkster living in NOVA-DC-Lower MD. Meet, talk about fetishes, look for a play partner(s) to play and experiment with.

NOVASM, FetLife, verified 2017-Feb-24
Real time pansexual social group dedicated to those living in NOVA-Metro DC area. Goal: Promote understanding, social interaction, and friendship for those with interest in the D/s lifestyle.

ONYX MidAtlantic, verified 2017-Feb-24
Men Of ONYX, Yahoo, verified 2017-Feb-24
DC/Baltimore area. DE-PA-VA. Leather fraternity for gay and bisexual men of color. Informational and social organization.

PMP, FetLife, verified 2017-Feb-24
Local kinksters who are friends who hang out and know how to have fun in a laid back way. Slightly geeky, with an odd sense of humor. We don’t take ourselves too seriously. We like to be real and relate. We take care of our own. Our habit to get together regularly for kink and or vanilla events.

Private Catfights in the Northeast, FetLife, verified 2017-Feb-24
Arranges private catfights between women. Catfight challenge matches. Special challenges of hairpulling, wrestling only etc. Privacy a priority. Females from 19-50. Novices especially encouraged. Focus area is the northeast, DC-DE-MD-NY-NJ-PA.

Puppy Play in Maryland, FetLife, verified 2017-Feb-24
For pups and handlers, and the just curious, to discuss and search out each other and what really makes their tail wag. MD-DC Metro.

Regional/Local Events (Md/PA/DE/VA/DC), FetLife, verified 2017-Feb-24
Post events of any kind, kinky or vanilla.

The Resource Pool, verified 2017-Feb-24
Mission: To provide quality education for our communities: Leather, Fetish, BDSM (bondage, discipline, sadomasochism, dominance, submission). Also, role playing (but not swingers). Age 21+. Will present workshops, demos, lectures, discussions.

SigMa (Special Interest Group Men’s Association), verified 2017-Feb-24
DC’s Only All Male BDSM Play Space. Devoted to providing an environment where like-minded men can safely and sanely explore alternative sensual experiences, from bondage to hard-core.

Submissive Male Appreciation & Understanding Group (SMAUG), FetLife, reviewed 2017-Feb-24
Source of social contacts, discussion, support, encouragement, education and opportunities for submissives who identify as masculine or primarily male. Any sexual orientation, gender identification, or power exchange role welcome. Events typically in DC-MD-PA-NoVA

Tops of Bottoms Up!, FetLife, verified 2017-Feb-24
Discussion, educational and support group group, open to anyone who identifies as a Top, Dom, Master, etc., regardless of their adult age, experience level, title, gender or sexual orientation. DC-MD-PA-VA-WV

TYG: The Young Generation, FetLife, verified 2017-Feb-24
For all younger kinksters, specifically around ages 18-24, and their significant others and/or friends. To hold munches and parties in NOVA-DC-MD area.

Washington DC Area BDSM Personals, FetLife, verified 2017-Feb-24
Purpose: Posting personal ads so Dom(mes), Switches and subs in DC Metro area can meet to find play partners and relationships.

Washington DC Area Kinky Roommates, FetLife, verified 2017-Feb-24
Searching for a kinky roommate in the DC area? Post what you’re looking for on this list!

Washington DC BBWs, FetLife, verified 2017-Feb-24
Primarily for BBWs, SSBBWs, and BHM (or some variant of the aforementioned), as well as those who love said folks, living in the Washington DC area, and areas closely associated.

Washington DC Fresh Meat Cooler, FetLife, verified 2017-Feb-24
For newcomers to BDSM who are looking for connections with other local Kinksters to talk, explore, play

Wash DC Grapple Den, FetLife, verified 2017-Feb-24
Neutral meeting ground for fun-seeking grapplers, wrestlers, and wrestling fans of all shapes and sizes. Parties open to men and women, 18+, any experience level. Dedicated to those who live and work around the DC Baltimore area

Washington DC Metro Area Erotic Hypnosis Munch, FetLife, pending 2017-Feb-22
Online counterpart of the DC Metro Area Erotic Hypnosis Munch. Fetlife removed this Group in early 2017. It may return before April 1.

Washington DC Metro Area ISO, FetLife, verified 2017-Feb-24
Looking for some new fun, a play partner or mate, maybe you want to try this amazing idea you had with someone willing to help bring it to reality, or you just plain want to get your Play happening? DC-MD-NOVA.

Washington DC Metro area switches, FetLife, verified 2017-Feb-24
For area switches to get to know each other, arrange for munches, play dates, classes, etc. all of interest specifically to switches.

Washington DC Milfs, FetLife, verified 2017-Feb-24
MILFs and Cougars from the DC area.

Washington DC non-BDSM ISO, FetLife, verified 2017-Feb-24
For non-personal ads. Houses, apartments, furniture, jobs, pets, etc. Consider it the “classifieds”. Need help with something? Want to help with something.

Whole DC, FetLife, verified 2017-Feb-24

Women Rule Parties, verified 2017-Feb-24
Women Rule Parties, FetLife, verified 2017-Feb-24
BDSM party and social group. Membership restricted to Dominant Women and the people who serve us and you must be invited to attend parties. DC-DE-MD-PA-VA-WV

Younger DOMs for Older subs/slaves in Maryland/DC Area, FetLife, verified 2017-Feb-24
For Doms 35 and younger looking for Mature subs/slaves in DC-MD area.

Your MAMA Maryland Munch for Dominant Women and the people who serve us, FetLife, verified 2017-Feb-24
Maryland Area Mistress Association (Your MAMA), Yahoo, verified 2017-Feb-24
For dominant ladies and the people who serve us. DE-MD-PA-VA-WV

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