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Australian Calendar of Kink Events
Australian FetLife Groups Directory
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420 Victoria, FetLife, reviewed 2015-May-18
For 420 lovers in Victoria to connect, discuss and do anything else they see fit.

4WD Victoria (Australia), FetLife, verified 2015-Apr-01
For 4WD owners and anyone else who enjoys off-road adventuring

50+ Melbourne, Australia, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-20
It is preferred those who join this group: a) reside in Melbourne (or at least Victoria) Australia, b) >50 years of age

Albury/Wodonga Kinkz, FetLife, reviewed 2015-May-31
For kinksters from the Albury-Wodonga, NE and border regions to come to chat.

Arkie’s Friday Munch HQ, FetLife, verified 2014-Jan-16
Formerly hosted through the Victoria U35s group; not restricted to a given age bracket.

The Australian Medi-EVIL’S, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-20
Will organise Feast’s and Medieval Community Camping etc and the making of costumes, fighting gear, furniture and crafts etc.

Australian (Melbourne, Victoria) Personal Ads, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-20
An opportunity to reach those who are within reach whether it be a play partner, a lover, a dom, a sub, or purely a friend with whom you can share conversations of your common interest. Intention: To expedite the process of Melburnians (or Victorians) introducing themselves to others of a similar mindset

Ballarat Munches & Workshops, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-20
For anyone who is interested in running, or attending a munch in the Ballarat area. Also for any workshops that maybe taking place in the area.

Ballarat Play Group, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-20
Where we can talk about things, ask question, advertise events of any kind: munches, play parties, workshops etc.; where new and older people to the area can find out what’s going on and where we can build both our community and friendships.

BDSM in Bendigo, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-20
So the people of Bendigo and surrounds can catch and chat with each other.

Bendigo Leather Alliance (BLA), FetLife, reviewed 2015-Jul-07
Commitment toward building a stronger sense of community through serving the educational needs of leathermen and their allies. Features informative, interesting and prominent guest speakers; hosts demonstrations, workshops, community forums and expert panel discussions.

Camp it Up – Camping Trips in Victoria, Australia, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-20
To see if we can organise camping trips within Victoria to include couples, singles and in some cases families (ie. kids). Different trips, different purposes!

Central Country Victoria BDSM, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-20
To see if there are any kinksters out in this neck of Victoria.

ClubFEM – Victoria, Australia, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-20
Social organization composed of individuals who want to develop sincere Female dominant/male submissive relationships.

Cuddles (Melbourne VIC), FetLife, reviewed 2015-May-31
For residents and visitors to Melbourne VIC (Australia) who love to cuddle. A thread is assumed to be non-sexual, unless stated otherwise.

Dogging Zone Melbourne, FetLife, reviewed 2015-May-31
For sharing knowledge and how-to’s including safety and setting up a dogging adventure. Share stories, locations and advice.

Doms seeking ….. in Melbourne Vic, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-20
Intro Yourself and tell people about what Your seeking and the desires You have. Offering some insight into what makes You tick as a Dominant. Your opinions and philosophies on varying topics. Tops, Doms seeking play partners welcome.

Dom Social Group, FetLife, reviewed 2015-Aug-03
A KNOTbound initiative. Open to those that are firmly on the dominant side of power exchange relationships. Doms can be new, experienced or anywhere in between but must identify as dominant.

Female led relationships Melbourne Australia, FetLife, reviewed 2015-Jun-01
For people living in Melbourne interested in exploring and discussing Female Led Relationships (FLR) of varied parameters including monogamous, polyamorous, gender queer and non binary.

Flaming Personal Ads (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia), FetLife, verified 2015-Mar-20
Post your personal ad here.

Gippsland/Latrobe Valley Munch HQ, FetLife, reviewed 2015-May-31
Come along and meet other like minded Kinksters. Share food and drinks, tell some stories, share some experiences, make some friends, catch up with old friends, introduce yourself to newbies and old hats and have some fun. Everyone welcome regardless of age 18+, gender, D/s role, fetish, etc.

Gippsland Victoria Fetishes, FetLife, reviewed 2015-May-31
For Australian people living in or visiting any part of Gippsland to discuss the fetishes they are into and meet new people.

Great to know you! (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia), FetLife, reviewed 2015-May-31
Place to leave POSITIVE comments about other Fetlife members (in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, have visited, expats etc) that YOU have met ~ IN PERSON.

Hooked Up, FetLife, verified 2014-May-02
Fetish flesh hook suspension group. Keep track of events, share experiences.

if i am so friggin awesome as you say! why am i single???, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-20
For single people, by single people

I’m a new / beginner / intermediate kinkster. So what now? (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia), FetLife, reviewed 2015-May-31
Dedicated to the discussion of topics that arise when you begin your kinky journeys.

Kink Friendly, Trades and Professional People in Victoria Australia, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-20
Dedicated to kinky tradies and professional service providers in Victoria.

Kinky, verified 2013-Aug-20
Kinky, Facebook, verified 2013-Aug-20
Kinky – Melbourne, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-20

Kinky lesbian ladies of Melbourne, FetLife, reviewed 2015-Jul-01
Social group for kinky folk in the scene who identify as lesbian, and would like to meet other women for friendship or more.

Kitten Club – Melbourne, VIC, FetLife, reviewed 2015-Jun-29
Online community devoted to the kittens of Melbourne. For kittens to talk about everything to do with kitten life. Safe group to explore feline desires. For posting new events / exciting activities for pet-play.

KNOTbound, reviewed 2015-Aug-03
KNOTbound, Facebook, reviewed 2015-Aug-03
KNOTbound, FetLife, reviewed 2015-Aug-03
KNOTbound, FetLife, reviewed 2015-Aug-03
KNowledge, Opportunity and Training. Real time adhoc advanced discussion group. Mission: Develop a diverse set of educational opportunities, tools and resources relating to BDSM. Devoted to free/low cost alternative sexuality education.

MAsT: Melbourne, verified 2013-Aug-20
MAsT:Melbourne, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-20
Offers foundation of support, education and sharing for the M/s, D/s and Leather communities in Melbourne and (currently) all of Australia’s States and Territories. Pansexual Master/slave community group, and we respect all M/s relationship choices without judgment.

Masters Of Melbourne, FetLife, verified 2014-May-02
Aims to provide a socially tight network where Masters can continue to refine their techniques and be accessible to the wider growing community of those wishing to develop their knowledge and require a source of credible mentors for coaching.

Melbourne, AUSTRALIA: Bite Fetish Club!, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-20
To all individuals who love to bite, be bitten or both & are in or near Melbourne

Melbourne BDSM, Yahoo, verified 2013-Aug-20
Unmoderated mailing list for Melbourne’s B-D-S-M community and those who visit Melbourne.

Melbourne CFNM, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-20
Melbourne-based individuals who are interested in all things CFNM. Not about meeting up for sex but rather to conduct events in CFNM fashion and look for CFNM-style relationships.

Melbourne Chains, verified 2013-Aug-20
Melbourne Chains (Victoria, Australia), FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-20
Melbourne Chains (Victoria, Australia), Yahoo, verified 2013-Aug-20
Melbourne’s Premier BDSM Social Club

Melbourne Eastern Suburbs Group, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-20
Discussion place for those living or spending time in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne and endeavours to provide oportunities to come together for munches etc

Melbourne Female Feminazi Bitches, FetLife, reviewed 2015-May-29
For man-hating, penis-envying, gold-star-status-achieving, over-the-top feministic PMSing, and those that love them.

Melbourne Femdom Society, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-20
Femdom stuff in Melbourne. Restricted to: Dommes, sub guys

Melbourne Fetish, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-20
Open to everyone. To keep you all up to date with the monthly events of Melbourne’s Fetish Community. Open to ideas and discusions about the events and if you have any thoughts on acts you would like to see or things you would like to experience feel free to let me know or start your own topic.

Melbourne Fetish Photographic Society, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-20
Goal: Providing a forum for photographers, models and related industry personal of all levels to meet, discuss and plan shoots of all descriptions

Melbourne Fisting, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-20
For people living in and around Melbourne who are interested in anal and/or vaginal fisting.

Melbourne Jelly & Oil Wrestling, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-20
For all those people interested in wrestlng in Oil or Jelly who live in Melbourne

Melbourne Kinksters BDSM, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-20
Open forum that is welcoming to points of view about the kinky side of life in and around Melbourne

Melbourne Leather Alliance MLA, FetLife, verified 2014-May-02
For individuals who are interested in connecting with people who share a respect for the Leather lifestyle, its principles, and its teachings.

Melbourne Leather Dinners, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-20
Mixed group with a common interest in the Leather Community.

Melbourne Massage Circle, FetLife, reviewed 2015-Jul-31
Focused at learning about, giving and receiving different types of massage.

Melbourne Midweek Munchers, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-20
Come along and meet other people who are into or interested in ‘what it is that we do’ in a relaxed environment. Focus: Socialising and networking with other people of all ages, genders and orientations.

Melbourne Naturists & Nudists, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-20
Feel free to post any events, get togethers, great places to go

Melbourne Pets, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-20
Are you a humanimal? A dog, cat, pony, cow, bear, tiger, wolf, mythological beast, bird or any animal at all? For you, and the handlers, owners, grooms and attendants, to express and discuss the ins and outs of Humanimal/Human interactions.

Melbourne pets and those who love them, FetLife, reviewed 2015-May-31
For all pets/Owners and furries of Melbourne to get to know each other and to set up events and meet ups.

Melbourne Rope Dojo, verified 2013-Aug-20
Melbourne Rope Dojo, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-20
Founded to teach authentic Japanese Shibari and Kinbaku as practiced in Japan, via the teachings of Osada Steve. Rather than just focussing on technical knots and patterns (kata), Melbourne Rope Dojo emphasises the strong and intimate connection rope can create between partners.

Melbourne submissive group, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-20
Support contact group for subs/slaves/bottoms. Discuss issues and concerns in regards to being submissive, and share our experiences/advice.

Melbourne Tea Society, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-20
Inspired by the Northern California Ladies’ Tea and Discussion Society. Restricted to: Domme women, sub guys

Melbourne TGirls & their Admirers, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-20
Are you a TG/TV/CD/Gay/Bi or admire everything that is fabulous? Place to express your inner most daring wicked imagination. If you have any hints, tips, events, fav shops or just need to chat, you can feel safe here to be yourself.

The Melbourne Underground, FetLife, verified 2015-Mar-20
Dedicated to bringing kinksters, professionals, artists and performers together in an unholy alliance to kinkify Melbourne.

Melbourne/Victoria Kik Group, FetLife, verified 2015-Apr-26
Kik-based local group chat. Good place to make new friends and maybe even some people to go to events with. Not a pick up group for people to find hook ups.

Melbourne/Victoria Under 30, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-20
New Under 30’s group that is NOT AFFILIATED to any club/event. Welcomes anyone under 30 (not just Melbournians/Victorians), as well as anyone in Victoria organizing an event which welcomes under 30s.

Melbourne (Victoria) Under 30’s Club, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-20
To encourage the immerging under 30’s generation to have free speech and interaction without being judged, criticised or spoken down to or at. We invite all positive discussion and sharing of knowledge.

Melbourne Victoria All members, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-20
Spread the word about upcoming events, review events you’ve been to and discuss/debate/rant about anything and everything BDSM/Kink/Fetish/Melbourne/Australia (even football) related.

Melbourne Willy Munchers, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-20
About the ‘Willy Munches’ ( named after it’s permanent location in Williamstown) which are currently on tour in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. This Munch is held every 6-8 weeks.

Milkmaids in Melbourne, Aus, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-20
For lactating women in Melbourne Australia and those that find lactation sexy as hell. From those with mild curiosity to hardcore hucow / milkmaid and those that choose to keep their women full and milk them regularly.

Mornington Peninsula, South & SE Suburbs Play Group, FetLife, reviewed 2015-May-31

Odd Hours Shift Workers (Melbourne), FetLife, reviewed 2015-May-11
Come together to dabble in kink and BDSM play during the day for people who work nights or work weekends.

Oz KinkFest, verified 2014-May-02
Oz KinkFest, FetLife, verified 2015-Mar-20
The Ultimate GLBTIQ Alternative Lifestyle Festival. Spectacular festival where everyone can safely explore their utmost fantasies and discover Melbourne’s vibrant ambiance.

Paint balling Victoria, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-20
State Orgin of Painting balling…. Victoria v South Australia

Pakenham cool peeps, FetLife, reviewed 2015-May-31
For people in and around the Pakenham area.

Peninsula Polyamory, reviewed 2015-May-31
Peninsula Polyamory, FetLife, reviewed 2015-May-31
Australians prepared to open their minds and hearts to the potential within – Open, non-monogamous and everything in-between relationships!

Pleasure Forum Australia, verified 2013-Aug-20
Pleasure Forum Australia, Facebook, verified 2013-Aug-20
Pleasure Forum Australia, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-20
Intention: To create space for an engaging social exchange, where people from all of Australia’s diverse sexual communities to get to know one another to explore and create new connections, develop ideas and work together to build a brighter, freer, more tolerant and more sex-positive Australia.

PolyVic, verified 2013-Aug-20
PolyVic, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-20
Monthly socials, discussion groups and less regular events like weekends away. Safe space where you can hang out with interesting people, explore issues, listen to other people’s experiences, and be yourself. Invite all poly-friendly and poly-curious folk to check us out.

Provocation – Melbourne, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-20
Intimate BDSM play party for the adventurous. Monthly BDsm Club

Purgatory, verified 2013-Aug-20
Started to provide an adult, informed and aware venue for those already familiar with the scene and who need somewhere safe to play, and for those who may be curious and wishing to explore possibilities. Due to the private nature of the club, bookings are essential.

Rope Bite Bendigo-Central Victoria, FetLife, verified 2015-Apr-09
Welcomes those who want to explore, learn, practice and share their collective knowledge as we learn from each other. All levels of experience, all physical abilities and body types welcome. Goal: Come together to share, learn from each other, and practice skills and ties together.

Rope Bite – Melbourne Australia, FetLife, verified 2015-Mar-20
Purpose: For locals interested in rope-based bondage to connect with each other and share their interest in rope in an informal environment. All styles of rope and levels of experience welcome.

Rope Bondage Melbourne Victoria Australia, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-20
For all into rope bondage. If you are a bondage master or mistress,or a switch,tv,cd,ts or gen girl into bondage

Skills Lab @ HQ, verified 2014-May-02
Skills Lab @ HQ, FetLife, verified 2014-May-02
Hands-on, practical BDSM & fetish skillshares and interactive education. Suitable for newbies, the curious, lifestylers, enthusiasts, fetishists, kinksters, experienced players. (Formerly Adrenachrome)

Southern Munch – Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-20
Southern Munch, Southern Mini Munch and this Group are open to all kinksters who wish to attend.

SplinterCell, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-20
Combination of a community centre, a skillshare venue and a workshop for BDSM furniture and toys. A place that can be whatever you wanted it to be; a place to come and just be, or play, or learn, or talk, or read.

Swinging Melbourne BBWs/BHMs, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-20
For BBW/BHM swingers and those who love them in Melbourne

Tied Up Together, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-20
Monthly gathering of rope enthusiasts coming together to learn and practice their craft amongst friends and peers.

VicLeather, verified 2013-Dec-06
VicLeather, Facebook, verified 2013-Dec-06
Seeks to support and advance the diverse leather communities of Melbourne and Victoria, made up of practitioners of a broad range of sexual arts, done through educational and social activities. Welcomes people of all genders and sexualities. Community owned, run and supporter.

VIC-PAH (Victorian Pups and Handlers group), Facebook, reviewed 2015-Jul-28
VIC-PAH (Victorian Pups and Handlers group), FetLife, reviewed 2015-Jul-28
Friendly social Group for human pups and Handlers. Regular Munches (dinners and social evenings). Starting regular Moshes (pup play events).

Victoria Novices & Newbies, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-20
Open to all. To bring newbies together with experienced players to learn and listen to their wisdom.

Victorian no strings sex, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-20
For all of those kinksters who would loike to meet other kinksters for no strings attached sex.

Victorian Under 35s, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-20
Not solely restricted to under 35’s. Purpose and aim: To bring the young and the new, – and the experienced young, together to discuss ideas, experiences and events, A place to feel safe to ask questions and to share ideas, where people of our age group can get together and share idea’s (and gossip) and organize events.

Western Suburbs Play Group – Melbourne, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-20
Geelong and the Greater Area. For A/all kinksters that are interested in BDSM. Catering to those that are interested in munchies to various levels of serious play.

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