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3 somes in alabama, FetLife, verified 2017-Mar-28
All about 3 somes and having a good time

A.C.E.S. (A Crafting Etcetera Social), FetLife, verified 2017-Mar-28
Designed to be fun and educational in a relaxed, private social atmosphere. Purpose: To continue the education of kinky people in a hands-on environment.

AGC (Alabama Gulf Coast) Bukkake, FetLife, =INACTIVE= 2017-Mar-28
Centered in the AL Gulf Coast area, (including MS Gulf coast-FL panhandle) for those interested in the discussion of, AND participation in, the fetish of Bukkake

Ageplay Columbus, FetLife, verified 2017-Mar-28
For Age Players who are in Columbus (and surrounding areas) to meet, discuss topics, post events, gain knowledge, play and further explore. Most meetings will happen in the Columbus GA, Phenix City AL and occasionally Auburn AL areas.

Alabama Anonymous Encounters, FetLife, verified 2017-Mar-28
For discreet kinksters In Alabama who enjoy and appreciate the thrill of meeting other kinksters for anonymous fun.

Alabama BBW’s And The Men and Women who Adore them, FetLife, verified 2017-Mar-28
For all BBW women and all the men and women who adore them.

Alabama BDSM, Yahoo, verified 2017-Mar-28
Feel free to meet and socialize with people of like minds here in alabama and hopefully it will help you to meet the person or persons you wish to meet

Alabama Classified, FetLife, verified 2017-Mar-28
Geared towards folks living in Alabama that wish to place ads seeking someone within the lifestyle. To help like minded kinksters in finding someone that will be a good match for them without having to spend hours upon hours going through profiles and finding nothing.

Alabama Discipline, FetLife, verified 2017-Mar-28
Adults who still need the motivation and emotional release that only a good spanking can provide. Personals welcome.

Alabama Dominant Support Group, FetLife, verified 2017-Mar-28
Discuss problems, fears, worries or etc with your fellow dominants.

Alabama FemDom MaleSub, Yahoo, verified 2017-Mar-28

Alabama Furs, FetLife, verified 2017-Mar-28
For furries and like-minded people to come to talk, meet, and enjoy each others’ company.

Alabama Glory Holes, FetLife, verified 2017-Mar-28
List addresses if known, for those who may not be familiar with certain cities. Also, please list if said hole is serviced by males, females, or both, and what days are good to frequent them.

Alabama Interrogators, FetLife, verified 2017-Mar-28
For people interested in learning about, discussing, and participating in interrogation scenes here in Alabama. All interest and experience levels are welcome.

Alabama Kinky Campers (AKC), FetLife, verified 2017-Mar-28
For those that want to enjoy the great outdoors with friends. If you like to sit around a campfire have fun with like minded people then lets talk. So bring your guitar or singing voice and have some fun.

Alabama Kinky Musician’s Network, FetLife, verified 2017-Mar-28
For networking in the state of Alabama.

Alabama Ladies, FetLife, verified 2017-Mar-28
All women are welcome, any and all “label” and/or sexual orientation. Intent: To help women in AL meet other like-minded women for friendship/meeting/etc.

Alabama Littles, FetLife, verified 2017-Mar-28
For Littles any where in AL. Mommys and Daddys more than welcome her as well. To help little girls and boys find playmates (or parents) close by.

Alabama Married Seeking External Playmates, FetLife, verified 2017-Mar-28
For the married people in Alabama who are seeking external playmates. Either to play as a couple or an individual.

Alabama Personals, FetLife, verified 2017-Mar-28
Where people can put a personal add in order to meet and hook up with other Kinky Alabama Residents

Alabama Pets and Primals, FetLife, verified 2017-Mar-28
For Pets and Primal. Who are curious about them. Are one. About them. Ect.

Alabama Ponies and Trainers, FetLife, verified 2017-Mar-28
To help ponies and trainers alike find others interested in our local areas. Please feel free to open discussions, post events, etc.

Alabama Spanking, Yahoo, =INACTIVE= 2017-Mar-28
For those who love spanking and live in Alabama. Meet spank partners in your area!

Alabama/Surrounding Areas Kinky Garage Sale/Fetcycle, FetLife, verified 2017-Mar-28
Post items for sale, to give away or trade, does not have to be only kinky items.

Alabama Whip Enthusiasts (A.W.E), FetLife, =INACTIVE= 2017-Mar-28
Come to learn, talk, and fantasize about all things WHIP; feel free to post any questions, ideas, or whaterver whip related stuff you you want.

Auburn / Alabama Kinky Sprit, FetLife, verified 2017-Mar-28
Just a place to show your team sprit.

Auburn Students!, FetLife, verified 2017-Mar-28
For students attending Auburn University.

Baldwin Alternative Lifestyle Leather Society (BALLS), FetLife, verified 2017-Mar-28
BDSM group for kinksters living in and around Baldwin County. Presently, holding a meeting and demo monthly, Dinner / Munch immediately follows. From time to time hold special events after the dinner.

BBW & BHM of the Southeast, FetLife, verified 2017-Mar-28
For all BBWs and BHMs who reside in the Southeastern part of USA (and our lovers/partners/friends/admirers who also live in the region) to get together and discuss BBW/BHM topics, activities, and events, in our area. No personal ads. AL-FL-GA-KY-LA-MS-NC-SC-TN-VA-WV

Binding Ties-AL BDSM Personals, Yahoo, verified 2017-Mar-28
Personal ads as well as discussions on topics such as safety, negotiation, and relatioship dynamics is the focus of this group.

Birmingham, AL Ab/Dl, FetLife, verified 2017-Mar-28
For the ab/dl people in Birmingham Alabama and surrounding areas

Birmingham Al Daddy Doms/baby girls, FetLife, verified 2017-Mar-28
For those in the Central AL area who are Daddy Doms and baby girls who want to chat and meet others who share the same interests

Birmingham Alabama Cross Dressers, FetLife, verified 2017-Mar-28
Devoted to providing resources and advice for cross dressers and their significant others. Even though we are based in the greater Birmingham area, group is open to anyone, regardless of location.

Birmingham FemDoms, FetLife, verified 2017-Mar-28
Dominant women in the Birmingham and surrounding areas and the submissives and switches who appreciate them.

Birmingham: Kinky and Social, FetLife, verified 2017-Mar-28
For people who live in or near Birmingham and enjoy getting out and doing stuff.

Birmingham Littles, FetLife, verified 2017-Mar-28
Purpose: To provide littles in Central AL area with a safe space and events to explore their nature, with focuses on support and access to education of the topic of littles, Bigs, and ageplay.

Birmingham Organization of Southern Spanking (BOSS), FetLife, verified 2017-Mar-28
Birmingham Area based organization created for those people whose main interest deals with the fine art of spanking. Focus: Spanking and its related issues. Welcomes anyone of legal age, any level of experience, and any location.

Birmingham Poly and Open Meetup, FetLife, verified 2017-Mar-28
Goal: Provides a welcoming place for those practicing or interested in practicing polyamory or open love styles to meet and socialize with others who conduct their own relationships in the same way.

Birmingham Public Sex Review, FetLife, verified 2017-Mar-28
Review of places to have sex in Birmingham and other Alabama locations.

Birmingham Submissive Roundtable, FetLife, verified 2017-Mar-28
Meets monthly. People of all genders and orientations welcome! Goal: To promote real life friendship and support for local submissives and to create a Dominant free space where submissives can ask questions without judgement.

Black Women / White Men – Southeast, FetLife, verified 2017-Mar-28
Open to White Dom male and female Domme’s seeking black female and male submissives, and Black female Domme’s seeking white male or female submissives or slaves. AL-FL-GA-KY-MS-NC-SC-TN-VA

Bound For Pleasure, Yahoo, =INACTIVE= 2017-Mar-28
North Alabama Pan-Sexual Group devoted to the education and support of the BDSM Lifestyle.

Caffeine & Konvo, FetLife, verified 2017-Mar-28
Dothan. Casual atmosphere for those who wish to meet up with fellow friends & kinksters and share pleasant Konversation.

C.A.L.M. ( Central Alabama Leather Munch ), FetLife, verified 2017-Mar-28
Dedicated to the leather community here in central AL. Sharing experiences, history, and traditions in a relaxed and public enviroment. Having dinner and quality chat time with other people with whom you share a common bond. Not a play group, this is strictly social.

Central Alabama Classifieds, FetLife, verified 2017-Mar-28
Within 60 minutes or so of Birmingham, can post ads describing who ahd where they are, and what they are wanting out of other FetLife members.

Central Alabama Erotic Photography, FetLife, verified 2017-Mar-28
To offer photography services to the central Alabama area.

Central Alabama LGBT Kinksters, FetLife, verified 2017-Mar-28
Designed to be fun and educational in a relaxed, private social atmosphere. Purpose: To continue the education of kinky people in a hands-on environment.

Chattanooga Spankos, FetLife, verified 2017-Mar-28
For spankers, spankees, and switches in Chattanooga and immediate surrounding areas of GA-AL. If you are a spanking purist or a kinkster who just happens to love spanking, this is the place for you.

Corset lovers and Waist Training of the Gulf Coast, FetLife, =INACTIVE= 2017-Mar-28
Interested in tight lacing, corsets or hip springs? For those who want to know more, share and inform about tight lace training, from corset newbies wondering where to start to the experts who will only wear the best of the best. AL-FL-LA-MS-TX.

C.U.M~ Columbus United Misfits, FetLife, verified 2017-Mar-28
For people in Phenix City and surrounding areas to meet and greet one another for friendly conversation.

Dixie Younger Women for Older Men, FetLife, verified 2017-Mar-28
For those younger women (18-30) who want to do online play, or other fetish activity with older men (21-35). AL-FL-GA-MS-TN

Dothan & SE Alabama Beg, Buy, Barter & Trade, FetLife, verified 2017-Mar-28
We all have stuff we don’t want, don’t need or do need or want and why not contact your friends on FetLife to see if you can Beg, Borrow, Buy or Trade?! Stuff you don’t want? Something you need? Skills to barter with? Swap it Trade it Barter it Buy it

East Coast Cuckold and Hotwife, FetLife, verified 2017-Mar-28
Created to give cuckolds and Hotwives a broader range, with specific areas of interest, for better connection and communication. AL-AR-CT-DC-DE-FL-GA-IL-IN-KY-LA-LAB-MA-MD-ME-MI-MS-NB-NC-NFLD-NH-NJ-NS-NY-OH-ONT-PA-PR-QB-RI-SC-TN-VA-VT-WV

The Electric Chair, FetLife, verified 2017-Mar-28
For Birmingham Residents who are up all night and keep all kinds of hours can meet and share info.

FemDom – MaleSub Discussion (Southeastern US), Yahoo, verified 2017-Mar-28
Meets realtime for socials, educational demonstrations, and parties (monthly if not more often in Memphis, Nashville, Birmingham & North Alabama). Isn’t set up as a dating service but we do allow members to post in request of meeting someone of like mind.

Fort Pack (Fort Payne Area Consentual Kink ), FetLife, verified 2017-Mar-28
Meets monthly. Goal: Judgement free, safe venue where new and experienced kinsters can meet and socialize. For those in Fort Payne and surrounding: Rainsville, Sylvania, Henegar, Ider, Flatrock, Albertville, Boaz, Gadsden, Fyffe, Collinsville, Section, Dutton, Scottsboro, Stevenson, Fackler etc.

GA-BAMA Friends and Fetishs, FetLife, verified 2017-Mar-28
Like minded friends and fetishes catering to the West Central GA (Columbus) and East Central AL (Phenix City, Auburn, Opelika) areas.

Gadsden Fetish Society, FetLife, verified 2017-Mar-28
Meeting in Etowah County, for those that live in Gadsden, Rainbow City, Attalla, and the immediate areas. Goal: To be able to provide an atmosphere where like minded people within the BDSM, D/s, and M/s community can socialize and share experiences in a casual environment.

Georgia Classified, FetLife, verified 2017-Mar-28
For fetlife members looking to contact or find other members in Georgia or close to Georgia. For now lets say 100 miles into SC-AL-FL-TN. Doms/Dommes, slaves, sluts and subs, a place for all who are close to GA or would happily relocate to The Peach State to find others.

* Girl Power *, FetLife, verified 2017-Mar-28
For discussion, friendship and support for women in AL area. Designed to be a sanctuary of sorts, a place to come when you need mental & emotional support only other women can provide. Also a place to laugh, to relax, to ask questions, to support and be supported. ALL women welcome.

G.A.A.P, Fetlife, reviewed 2017-Jun-14
Gulf Area Age Players: To teach & educate the meaning of age players; to be able to meet other like minded people; to help promote safe place for age players, to make them feel welcome & proud of who they are. This group is open to all over the age 18.

Gulf Coast Classified Ads, FetLife, verified 2017-Mar-28
If looking to buy, sell, or trade items, post it in this group as long as it’s a legal product; can be either kinky, or ‘nilla items.

Gulf Coast Gangbang Bukkake, FetLife, verified 2017-Mar-28
Small group of kinky bisexual males, bi couples and transexuals seeking to expand our group and have regular parties in Pensacola-Biloxi-Mobile.

Hitchin’ Bitches- Birmingham, AL, FetLife, verified 2017-Mar-28
For female rope riggers/rope tops/dominants in Birmingham. Meets once a month to learn, share and experience rope first hand, based upon the Peer to Peer and unconference learning and sharing concepts.

Huntsville, AL Metro M4M, FetLife, verified 2017-Mar-28
Males looking for other Males in the Huntsville Metro Area (Huntsville, Madison, Athens, Decatur). Restricted to: Gay/Bi males

Huntsville Alabama BDSM, FetLife, verified 2017-Mar-28
For those who are interested in or are currently participating in the BDSM lifestyle in the area.

Huntsville alabama crossdressers, FetLife, verified 2017-Mar-28
Dedicated to cd’s and trans of any type of huntsville and their admirers.

Huntsville Alabama Kinky Calendar, FetLife, verified 2017-Mar-28
Events within 300 mile radius of Huntsville.

Intimate Fetishes, FetLife, =INACTIVE= 2017-Mar-28
Genuine Lifestyle Minded Friends, enjoying the company of one another inside and outside of the lifestyle, in NE AL area and have friends that travel from Huntsville, Birmingham, Montgomery, Talladega and parts of GA

Kink in Auburn, AL, FetLife, verified 2017-Mar-28
For people who live in Auburn and nearby. Trying to meet fellow kinksters and make friends., FetLife, verified 2017-Mar-28
Kink Under Forty. Huntsville based. For adults in their 20s and 30s who are interested in the BDSM community.

LAIB Munch, FetLife, verified 2017-Mar-28
Lactation Aspects In BDSM. Huntsville. To promote a sense of community among those interested in different aspects of lactation in the Alternative Lifestyle by holding informal, casual

Les Bons Temps, FetLife, verified 2017-Mar-28
Kinksters in Mobile dedicated to having a good time through education and risk aware consensual kink. Aims to host munches, educational events and play parties for members and guests from other BDSM groups along the Gulf Coast & beyond.

LGBPQ Alabama, FetLife, verified 2017-Mar-28
For Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Pansexuals, and Queers (and Asexuals), and our Heterosexual friends, family, supporters, and admirers, to come together and form a community in AL, to provide support and perhaps a place to organize the community to action in the furtherance of civil rights for the BDSM and-or LGBPQ community.

LiNK, FetLife, verified 2017-Mar-28
Lanett inter-Network of Kink. Lanett, West Point, Valley, Opelika, Auburn, Columbus and others within easy driving distance. Focus: Socializing with fellow local members of the lifestyle.

Loving Ties That Bind, FetLife, =INACTIVE= 2017-Mar-28
Social group based in Huntsville. Focus: Providing educational opportunities and a support network for Female Dominants and those interested in Female Domination.

MAKE, see Mobile Alabama Kink Enthusiasts

Marquis De Sade Motorcycle Club (MC) NW Florida, FetLife, verified 2017-Mar-28
For kinky motorcyclists in the FL Panhandle, S AL-MS. Gulfport Mississippi to Tallahassee Florida, Including Pensacola, Mobile and surrounding areas.

Marshall Area Kinksters, FetLife, verified 2017-Mar-28
For those kinky people of Marshall County Alabama to meet up to see what and who is happening in and around Marshall County.

MASK, see Montgomery AL and the surrounding areas kinksters

Mobile Area Board Gamers, FetLife, verified 2017-Mar-28
To gather interest and spread information for a board gaming munch in the Mobile area.

Mobile, AL littles munch, FetLife, verified 2017-Mar-28
For those ab, dls, bugs, caretakers, and verything in bewteen that live in mobile or surronding areas

Mobile, Alabama Kink Enthusiasts (MAKE), FetLife, verified 2017-Mar-28
MAKE Members, FetLife, verified 2017-Mar-28
For those of us who live in Mobile. This is a great way to get to know other kinsters in your area!

Montgomery AL and the surrounding areas kinksters, FetLife, verified 2017-Mar-28
Montgomery AL and the Surrounding areas Kinksters (MASK), Yahoo, verified 2017-Mar-28
aka MASK. For kinky folks Dom/mes subs slaves Masters Mistresses of all kind that live in the Montgomery area and the cities around it.

NAPEX, see North Alabama Power Exchange
NARE, see North Alabama Rope Enthusiasts

NASSA (North Alabama Spanking and Social Alternative), Yahoo, verified 2017-Mar-28
Pansexual group accepting all forms of the lifestyle and providing education and support for members of the alternative lifestyle in North Alabama and the surrounding area.

NAST Munch – North Alabama/South Tennessee Munch, FetLife, =INACTIVE= 2017-Mar-28
Listing events, munches, parties and getting to know others in the area. Starting a monthly pot luck munch between Lawrenceburg and Columbia, TN.

N.E.A.D.S North East Alabama Dungeon Society (Anniston and Surrounding Areas), FetLife, verified 2017-Mar-28
Meets in Anniston/Oxford. Goal: to provide a means to allow like minded individuals within the kink, BDSM & D/s communities to socialize, communicate & share knowledge in a casual non-pressured environment.

New Alabama Classifieds Unicorn Hunters Welcome, FetLife, verified 2017-Mar-28
Alabama classifieds and hook ups.

North Alabama Fetish/Erotic Photography, FetLife, verified 2017-Mar-28
For people in N.AL interested in Fetish/Erotic photography. All photographers and models are welcome to join to discuss shoots, setup sessions or just talk about photography and photo editing.

North Alabama Littles Alliance, FetLife, verified 2017-Mar-28
Huntsville and surrounding. For littles to have a place, a group, to come to where they can feel safe and accepted. Meant to be playful, where we can cut up and let our littles play, but also where we can discuss the challenges of being a little in a the grown-up world. Environment free of judgment

North Alabama Power Exchange (NAPEX), FetLife, verified 2017-Mar-28
Helps to promote a sense of community among those interested in an alternative lifestyle in N.AL (Huntsville, Madison) area by holding informal, weekly munches, in public places, for conversation and social interaction along with topic discussions.

North Alabama Rope Enthusiasts – NARE, FetLife, verified 2017-Mar-28
North Alabama Rope Enthusiasts (NARE), Yahoo, verified 2017-Mar-28
For rope lovers of all types in N. AL area. Actively looking to gather like minded individuals looking share and gain knowledge. Goal: To establish a regular meeting schedule and demo/play parties to further help the rope enthusiasts in our community.

North Alabama Spanking and Social Alternative, see NASSA

North Alabama Swings and Threesomes, FetLife, verified 2017-Mar-28
For people in N.AL area to cum together to locate fellow swingers, look for thirds, organize groups, and socialize a bit.

Northern Alabama Classifieds – Buy, Sell, Trade, Barter, FetLife, verified 2017-Mar-28
Buy, sell, trade or barter for your everyday stuff or fetish gear: leather, clothing, furniture, toys, etc. Also: advertise when seeking to rent a room, find a roommate, locate a kink friendly service provider…

Pensacola Littles, FetLife, verified 2017-Mar-28
For Littles, Age players, pets, etc! Meant for Pensacola kinksters and surrounding areas including Mobile. Also open to Mommy’s, Daddy’s, etc, looking for a Little, or if you have a Little/Pet/Brat in the group!

Poly in Montgomery AL, and Surrounding Areas., FetLife, verified 2017-Mar-28
Gathering and meeting place for people open to polyamorous relationships in lower Alabama.

Poly South, FetLife, verified 2017-Mar-28
For people who live in the south and identify as polyamorous or are curious about polyamory. Seek advice and friendship with people open to the polyamory in the southern US.

RACK (Rome Area Community Kink), FetLife, verified 2017-Mar-28
For people in Floyd county to keep up with the kinky happenings in the surrounding areas. (GA-AL)

RARE, FetLife, verified 2017-Mar-28
Riggers and rope enthusiast. Dedicated to Rope of any and all kind and everything about and for Rope including but not limited to any eastern style such as [kinbaku] , [Shibari ],[hojo jutsu], Western-style, and or freestyle form or combination

Red Chair, The, see The Red Chair

SE Alabama Kinksters., FetLife, verified 2017-Mar-28
Dedicated to Dothan, and the Southeast AL region.

SE Regional Cucks, FetLife, verified 2017-Mar-28
For all people interested in all aspects of Cuckolding. Any type of different inclination people have that relates to the fetish of cuckolding. Atlanta and Metropolitan area-GA-S TN-SC-AL-N FL

SERG (South East Regional Groups), FetLife, verified 2017-Mar-28
For Group Leaders in the South East Region to post FetLife Group Addresses, Yahoo Group Addresses, Events, or General Announcements. Resource for Group Leaders to keep in contact with each other in regards for General Information.

The Shoals Next Generation Exchange, FetLife, verified 2017-Mar-28
SNGE. Florence , muscle shoals, killen, Tuscumbia, Sheffield, Cherokee and UNA areas. Intended for younger less experienced crowd.

S.K.U.F(shoals kinksters under forty), FetLife, =INACTIVE= 2017-Mar-28
For under forty kinksters in the shoals area, dedicated to providing a safe outlet for locals of our age to communicate ask questions, find mentors, and meet new people in a safe open minded environment.

Slave,submissive Support Group for Gulf Coast region, FetLife, verified 2017-Mar-28
Discuss relevant topics in regards to alternative sexuality, relationships, changing kink over time, general BDSM, events, health and safety within the active community. Welcomes all sexualities and gender identification. Provides safe environment for education and socialization.

Smack, FetLife, verified 2017-Mar-28
Shoals Munches And Community of Kink. Social group serving the kinky community of the shoals area. Primary goals: To foster a safe social setting (munches) while helping to educate (demos) our members in safe, sane and consensual kink.

South alabama kinksters, FetLife, =INACTIVE= 2017-Mar-28
Anyone in south Alabama or northwest Florida, Mississippi gulf area.

South Alabama Lifestylers, FetLife, verified 2017-Mar-28
Welcomes anyone over 19 interested in discovering, expanding, exploring, hanging out with, socializing, meeting, etc. others in the area.

South bama babies and Daddy’s that love them!, FetLife, verified 2017-Mar-28
All southern Alabama littles and Daddy’s n even Mommys are welcome

Southeast Area Ticklers and Ticklees, FetLife, verified 2017-Mar-28
If you are currently in the southern part of the U.S., and love all there is about tickling or being tickled, and would love to meet others who feel the same way- AR-AL-FL-GA-MS-NC-SC-TN-TX-VA.

Southeast Kennel Club, FetLife, verified 2017-Mar-28
For people into or curious about pup play. Strives to educate, support and generally just have fun. Welcomes all species and “levels” of pet play.

Southeast Newbie Mentoring, =INACTIVE= 2017-Mar-28
Nonjudgmental, open, friendly, sometimes even sage advice from those who have been in this crazy and fun world of BDSM for a while. AL-FL-GA-MS-NC-SC-TN

<<< Southeast Olympus Leather >>>, FetLife, verified 2017-Mar-28
Ideal: To promote a positive image of the Leather lifestyle, to make all Leather folk feel good about themselves regardless of race, religion, political beliefs, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, age, size, handicap, or health condition. AL-FL-GA-KY-MS-NC-SC-TN

SouthEast SOAP (Singles, Open, And Poly), FetLife, verified 2017-Mar-28
For any one looking for a b/d, s/m, d/s relationship within the Southeast. If you are poly, in an “it’s complicated” relationship, an open relationship, or just simply single

Southeastern Poly, FetLife, verified 2017-Mar-28
For poly people in the southeastern United States (TN-GA-AL-N.FL-NC-SC-KY).

Southeastern kinky nudists, FetLife, verified 2017-Mar-28
For kinksters who are interested in nudism, nude living, clothes free communities and resorts, and being naked in social settings.

Southern BDSM Bikers, FetLife, verified 2017-Mar-28
To share stories, events, and conversation about BDSM, Leather and Bikes.

Southern Fem Doms, FetLife, verified 2017-Mar-28
Southern Fem Doms, Yahoo, verified 2017-Mar-28
Munches and Parties a few times each year, in Birmingham area mostly. For Women who love to be in charge to Mingle, Network, and Meet those who Love to Serve Them… be they male or female Submissives.

Southern Kink, FetLife, verified 2017-Mar-28
Do you say “fuck you” with a smile? Do you say “I’m gonna whup that ass!” When you’re quenching your thirst after some heavy play do you reach for a glass of sweet tea ? In all seriousness, kinksters from the dirty South, come on in!

Southern States Cuckold and Hotwife, FetLife, verified 2017-Mar-28
For all types of cuckolds, cuckqueans, Hotwives, Slutwives, Cuckoldresses, studs, and any others. All orientations. Straight, Bisexual, Gay, Lesbian, Transgender. And lifestyle choices. Master, slave, Dominant, submissive, switch. AL-AR-AZ-CA-FL-GA-KY-LA-MS-NC-NM-OK-PR-SC-TN-TX-VA

Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas Kinksters, FetLife, verified 2017-Mar-28
For openminded people in the South. Everyone welcome no matter their race, ethnicity, religion, kinks, fetishes, age, or sexuality. Whether you need advice or would like to offer it to others based on your personal experiences

The Red Chair, verified 2017-Mar-28
The Red Chair, FetLife, verified 2017-Mar-28
Social group in Birmingham that concentrates on providing education to our community.

The Udderly Munch, FetLife, =INACTIVE= 2017-Mar-28
The Udderly Munch, Yahoo, =INACTIVE= 2017-Mar-28
To promote sense of community among those interested in different aspects of lactation in the Alternative Lifestyle by holding informal, casual TUM bi-monthly munches are for conversation and social interaction along with topic discussions on our email list.

Tuscaloosa Northport Alabama- BDSM, FetLife, verified 2017-Mar-28
For kinky types in the Northport & Tuscaloosa areas to post about events, munches, meetings, bar nights, play parties, or whatever else might be going on that we all want to know about.

Tuscaloosa / Northport Kinky Association of Gamers, FetLife, =INACTIVE= 2017-Mar-28
For people to introduce themselves and meet up and play games. The kind we play are board games, rpg’s, warmachine, warhammer and even video games.

UM Kinksters, FetLife, =INACTIVE= 2017-Mar-28
Place to chat and possibly meet. Open to all current and past UM students. Montevallo.

V.E.I.L. (Valley, AL and surrounding areas), FetLife, verified 2017-Mar-28
Valley Enthusiasts In Lifestyles. A small group in Valley, looking for like minded individuals and people interested in learning about different fetish lifestyles.

A Virtual Munch, FetLife, verified 2017-Mar-28
Aimed primarily at N.AL-S.Middle TN, but open to all. Intended to provide an opportunity to ask questions without repercussions, and allow a free exchange of ideas and perspectives among those trying to find their way in this lifestyle.

West Ga East AL swing community, FetLife, verified 2017-Mar-28
For like-minded people who share the same views can get together and network and get to know one another.

Whispering Oaks Camping, FetLife, verified 2017-Mar-28
Located in Central AL. The newest lifestyle friendly campground. Located amid 19 acres of PRIVATE land. Membership Is A MUST for entry.

Wiregrass Power Exchange, FetLife, verified 2017-Mar-28
Dothan area. Primarily a social and play group.

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