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Adult Supervision Singapore, Fetlife, reviewed 2017-Jul-17
=NEW= We hold a monthly Sunday munch, the Munch of Adult Supervision Singapore, for people in the community to meet up and hang out in a relaxed, kink-free environment.

Asia Erotic Hypnosis, FetLife, reviewed 2017-Jul-17
For those interested in erotic hypnosis in particular but those interested in hypnosis within other contexts are also available, specifically for those located in Asia to make connections with others with similar interests also located in Asia.

Asia Kink Community Organizers Forum~AKCOF, FetLife, reviewed 2017-Jul-17
For Kink Community organizers in Asia. Goal: To share knowledge among those organizing Kink Community events in Asia.

Asian Cuckoldresses, Hotwives & Slutwives, FetLife, reviewed 2017-Jul-17
Discussion and personals group concentrated on dominant women from or originating from; Far East Asia and Pacific Islands. Ads Posted by Women ONLY. Discussions initiated by men and women. Includes all archetypes involved in cuckolding.

Asian Dommes, FetLife, verified 2017-Jul-17
Discussion and personals group concentrated on dominant women from or originating from; Far East Asia and Pacific Islands.

Asian Women – Sluts, Switches, subs & slaves, FetLife, verified 2017-Jul-17
Discussion and personals group concentrated on Switch, submissive and slave women from the Far East and Pacific Islands, and their culturesm or original heritage.

Asians: Afghanistan Bangladesh Bhutan Brunei Burma Cambodia China Hong Kong India Indonesia Japan Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan Laos Macau Malaysia Mongolia Nepal North Korea Pakistan The Philippines Singapore South Korea Sri Lanka Taiwan Tajikistan Thailand Thai, FetLife, reviewed 2017-Jul-17
For all Asians and admirers.

bdsmASIAnetwork, FetLife, reviewed 2017-Jul-17
bdsmASIAnetwork, Yahoo, reviewed 2017-Jul-17
Southeast Asian BDSM group for all levels of BDSM practitioners.

Kinky Expats in Singapore, FetLife, reviewed 2017-Jul-17
For visitors to Singapore and current residents, not from here originally, to meet and exchange their experiences – both kinky and vanilla.

SE Asia Personals, FetLife, reviewed 2017-Jul-17
For those living in or traveling to Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Burma (Myanmar), Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam. Not limited as to gender, orientation, or interest.

SGDOMSUBS, verified 2017-Jul-17
SGDOMSUBS, FetLife, reviewed 2017-Jul-17
SGDOMSUBS, Yahoo, reviewed 2017-Jul-17 =INACTIVE=
Singapore’s oldest community of kinksters and fetishists. We welcome participation from all levels of BDSM practitioners.

SG Under 35, FetLife, reviewed 2017-Jul-17
Focus: to mainly allow young newbies to have a place where they feel comfortable to discuss any questions that they might have when it comes to kink. Aim to provide a safe and friendly space for the younger members of the kink community to learn, explore and most importantly… to have FUN!

Singapore Bondage, FetLife, reviewed 2017-Jul-17
Started as an effort to have Singaporeans have their humble two cents on almost anything. Go ahead and say your piece.

Singapore CP, FetLife, reviewed 2017-Jul-17
For people who enjoys CP (Spanking/Caning). Other fetishes like medical play is welcomed too! 🙂

Singapore Rubber Latex Enthusiasts, FetLife, reviewed 2017-Jul-17
For fellow singaporeans that share the interests of latex rubber.

Singapore Singles, FetLife, reviewed 2017-Jul-17
Singles in Singapore seeking new friends, chats, play partners, relationships, and local events. Please no couples/poly families posting looking for additions

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