May 312017

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RopeFest Baltia, verified 2017-May-31
RopeFest Baltia, Fetlife, verified 2017-May-31
International shibari festival. Riga, Latvia. July 1-2, 2017
The first day of festival will bring various shibari performances. Educational seminars will be organized the second day of festival (number of participants will be limited). Seminars will allow attenders to acquire or improve the skills necessary for safe tying, as experiences riggers, having significant practical shibari experience, will deliver seminars.

Lithuania. / Castle of Kinksburg, FetLife, reviewed 2017-May-31
Lithuanian kinksters. Sveiki, tautiečiai. Dėl visa pikto, jei kinksburgas ( griūtų, turėsim šią grupę diskusijoms, įvykiams ir panašiems reikalams. Būkime mandagūs ir pagarbūs.
Welcome, folks. If kinksburgas ( avalanches, we’ll have this group discussions, events, and similar matters. Let’s be polite and respectful.

Lietuva & Latvia BDSM, Fetlife, verified 2017-May-31
Lithuania’s & Latvia’s Tautu Draudzibas BDSM Group

Castle of Kinksburg, verified 2017-May-31
Kinksburg – Baltic BDSM online community.
Over 2000 members from Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia share their experience and find new partners in this BDSM community.

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