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Adult Schoolgirl Spanking in UK & Ireland, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-12
Advertise yourself as the naughty schoolgirl in need of scolding and corporal punishment, or the strict Headmaster or Headmistress in need of female pupils to discipline. Chat on school role-play, arrange meetings, munches and club visits but only as ADULT role-play.

An Teaghlaigh Gaeilge, FetLife, verified 2013-Sep-21
Primarily for the Irish, and their friends and descendants, to converse in the Irish language, as well as connect with others learning it. To discuss things related to Ireland and the Irish, particularly to the Gaelic Irish, whether it be history, mythology, herbcraft, etc, as well as erotic manifestations of these.
— á sé seo go príomha ar siúl do na Gaeilge, agus ar ndóigh lena gcairde agus a sliochtaigh, chun comhrá i nGaeilge, chomh maith le teagmháil a dhéanamh le daoine eile a fhoghlaim. Agus tá sé freisin áit chun plé a dhéanamh ar nithe a bhaineann leis na hÉireann agus na Gaeilge, cibé acu é a stair, miotaseolaíocht, luibheanna , agus a leithéidí, chomh maith le léirithe gnéasacht de seo.

Art, Crafts and Design UK (And Ireland!), FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-12
For UK folks to talk about anything arts & crafts related.

BBW & BHM Ireland, FetLife, verified 2015-Mar-02
For all irish BBW women as well as all the men and women who adore them.

BDSM Ireland, verified 2013-Aug-12
BDSM Ireland, Yahoo, verified 2013-Aug-12
Where you can chat to other Irish kinky folk, and know a lot about local events, resources etc. Look them up and get involved!

BDSM Singles night – Dublin City Centre, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-12
For people who are genuine in their search for a Dom or sub partner

Bind Date Playgroup Ireland, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-12
For anyone seeking a playparter/s and is looking for just that – play, not a relationship. No big attachments, just a bit of kinky fun; To give newbies the opportunity to make new friends without the daunting task of having to break the ice so to speak.

The Black Flower, FetLife, reviewed 2015-May-18
For those interested in or living polyamory in Ireland, to share stories, ask questions and get to know like minded people.

Black Irish girls, and those who love them!, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-12
Welcoming all, especially these lovely girls, and those interested in their care and feeding, protection, discipline, loving enslavement, and perhaps even increasing their number through selective breeding(!)

Chastity ireland, FetLife, verified 2015-Apr-01
For people in ireland to talk about chastity find other interested in it and to find key holders

The Cinch – Dublin Erotic Rope Practice Group, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-12
Monthly gathering of rope-enthusiast kinksters for practising and sharing rope knowledge: in a safe, friendly environment you will be free to practice your rope bondage and ask advice from more experienced riggers. Specific workshops will be also facilitated, based on popular requests.

Conscious Kink Ireland, FetLife, verified 2015-Mar-02
Organising events relating to conscious and kInk spiritual BDSM in Ireland. Covering any mixture of BDSM and spiritual practice be it tantra, taoism, shamanism, paganism, vampirism or the ordeal path. Discussions can cover practice, organising events or munches.

Daddy/girl Ireland, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-12
For all those interested in Daddy/girl or Daddy/little dynamics in the Republic/North of Ireland (or those of you who visit often). More about the dynamic as opposed to role play, not a purely sexual thing. Meant as a place people can talk freely about their kinks with like minded kinksters.

Dublin Erotic Hypnosis Group, FetLife, reviewed 2015-Jul-28
The ultimate fantasy and control during sex both for the Domme and the Submissive.

Dublin Gang Bang Club, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-12
Team guys, predominantly based in Dublin, who are available for Gang Bangs. We can organise groups of guys ranging in size from 2 to 10+. We are looking for adventurous girls who want to thoroughly enjoy themselves in a Safe, Sane and Consensual environment.

Dublin over 35, FetLife, reviewed 2015-Aug-21
For older Dublin kinksters.

FemDom Ireland, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-12
About BDSM relationships or interactions in which the dominant partner is female. Restricted to women who feel inherently superior to the men we deal with, and those who adore us

Fetlife Ireland, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-12
For all the lovely kinksters in Ireland, from Ireland or who just wished they were, to get together and have a good old natter. Whether you have been at this for years or are new to it all, you are more then welcome here.

Galway Kinksters / The West of Ireland, FetLife, verified 2015-Mar-02
For discussions about (possible) events and kink in general in the West of Ireland

Hitchin Bitches Dublin, FetLife, verified 2014-Mar-08
Welcomes all women living full time as women and FTM, genderqueer and intersexed persons, with interest in rope, to hang out in a safe, supportive environment. Arranging meet ups where female identified rope tops can learn new skills and share what they know and have fun.

Ireland BDSM Personals, FetLife, reviewed 2015-Jul-25
For those with a genuine interest in the BDSM lifestyle who wish to connect with and meet others.

Ireland Personals, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-12
For personal ad’s. Place you ad for whatever type of personal connection you are looking for. Ask and hopefully you will receive

Ireland Rubber Lovers, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-12
For rubber / latex lovers exists for ireland

Irish BDSM topical discussion group, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-12
For those with experience or understanding (or desire to have an understanding) of the BDSM lifestyle, for thoughtful analytical discussion based on relevant topics or viewpoints about some aspect of bdsm, kink, queer, poly, power exchange of anything else in the realm of “deviant” sexuality.

Irish BDSM Workshops, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-12
A community-based, not-for-profit workshop group. Our simple agenda is sharing knowledge and fostering a sense of community. Our workshops and demonstration classes are held in Dublin city centre.

The Irish Beer Garden Group – Drinks for Kinks, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-12
Designed as a social group for Kinksters and fun folk alike to meet up outside of the Munch’s and Nimhneach and catch up with old friends and make new ones.

Irish Doms/Dommes Seeking:, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-12
For Doms/Dommes (& Switches) in Ireland hoping to find a significant other or others for whatever their reasons may be.

Irish Events of Interest, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-12
For people to let others know what events are coming up. It dosent have to be a specifically kinky event like Nimhneach, but it wouldent hurt if it was (or maybe it would lol).

Irish Fetish Photographers (IFP), FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-12
For Irish Photographers based in Ireland, for networking/discussions/Exchange of resources and ideas related to Fetish Photography in Ireland. Models-Photographer-Makeup Artists can also create posts here seeking a photographer to help them with a shoot or idea.

Irish Gorean, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-12
Introduce yourself. Learn about the ways of Gor. Share experiences and ideas. Discuss and debate. Make friends. Seek a Master, Mistress, kajira or kajirus and hopefully meet as an active community.

Irish kink photographers and models, FetLife, reviewed 2015-May-01
For models photographers pro and amateur to exhibit their work and collaborate on photo shoots in a safe and consensual environment.

Irish ladies who wear leather skirts and pants, FetLife, reviewed 2015-Jul-17
For those in Ireland, be they male or female, who adore ladies that wear leather skirts or pants.

Irish Male subs seeking Dommes, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-12
For males in Ireland, who are genuinely seeking a Domme/Mistress for a sub/Domme relationship. Post any information relevant to events, professionals, experiences and personals. For those who are genuinely committed to the lifestyle and are looking to have real life experiences.

Irish Munch and Fetish Group, FetLife, verified 2015-Mar-15
Munches are held twice a month in Dublin, twice a month in Cork, and Dundalk munches vary, Galway munches are now starting up too!

Irish Social Group, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-12
Do you want to get to know people in Ireland but can make it the events? Do you want to have interesting discussions with people who share your interests in a well moderated group?

Irish Spanking, Yahoo, verified 2013-Aug-12, SPAM

Irish Submissives Seeking:, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-12
For Submissives (& Switches) in Ireland hoping to find a significant other or others for whatever their reasons may be.

The Kinky Irish, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-12
Are you Irish, and are you kinky? Also if you love yourself an Irish somebody, then this group is for you too. This is about expressing your pride for your heritage, and sharing your life with others.

Kinky republic of Cork, FetLife, verified 2015-Mar-15
For people living in Cork (City and County) to get to know one another, to share information, skills, network; and, we hope, to meet in real life from time to time. Forum for people to organise learning and social events in the region.

Limerick Munch, FetLife, verified 2015-Mar-15
Group of Limerick-resident or near-limerick folk interested in having a Munch.

Make & Do – Dublin, FetLife, reviewed 2015-Jul-01
Crafty/arty/creative type group. Hoping for regular get togethers with lovely people to make and do and probably chill, drink tea and laugh a lot.

Meath Kinksters, FetLife, reviewed 2015-Jun-01
For anybody who likes kink.

Mommy Dommes Ireland, FetLife, reviewed 2015-Jul-17
Safe place for Mommys/littles/babygirls/babyboys and those that love them.

Munster Kinky Workshops and Peer Rope Group ( Cork Limerick Clare Tipperary Waterford Kerry ), FetLife, verified 2015-Mar-15
To organise and share information about local and nearby Workshops and Munches; to create a space to establish and develop an area Peer Rope Group.

Nerds, Geeks & Freaks Ireland, FetLife, verified 2015-Mar-15
For all nerds, geeks, gamers, fangirls, anime lovers, etc. in Ireland.

Nimhneach, verified 2013-Aug-12
Nimhneach Dublins Fetish and BDSM nightclub, FetLife, verified 2015-Mar-02
Dublin. Somewhere that like-minded folk could meet, look wonderful, and have fun. Held in central licenced venues so that it is easy to find.

The One Stop shop for Irish event notifications, FetLife, verified 2015-Mar-02
Where event organaisers will post details of new upcoming events, having all event notifications in one place makes life a bit handier. Not for discussion of events, as all events have their own groups, but just a place to keep up to date on various kink happenings around the country.

Peer Rope Dublin, FetLife, verified 2015-Mar-15
Aims to bring fellow rope addicts together to practice their skills in a relaxed environment.

Ponygirls Ireland, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-12
Where members can explore their desires to be trained like a pony.

Protocol Dinners in Dublin – the Courtyard Club, FetLife, reviewed 2015-Sep-08
D/s dinners. For those looking for a little formality with their kink.

Return to Sender ~ Ireland & NI, FetLife, reviewed 2015-Jul-31
For people who don’t take themselves too seriously, even if they like to have a good rant every once in a while.

Revelling in Rubber (Ireland), FetLife, verified 2015-May-01
Aim: to arrange small, intimate, social gatherings, where Rubberists can dress, in a relaxed, safe and friendly environment.

Sadists, Sadomasochists and Masochists Ireland, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-12
For those who like getting rough or playing rough male and female in Ireland.

Shamrock Spanking Society (SSS), FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-12
Shamrock Spanking Society (SSS), Yahoo, verified 2013-Aug-12
New yet traditional, discipline oriented, spanking play group. Goal: To host dedicated spanking parties with a distinctively wicked Irish flavour in order to create a safe, playful, fun environment for spankos of all ages, nationalities and experience levels to meet socially & ‘interact’.

Spanking in Ireland, FetLife, reviewed 2015-Jul-17
For Irish kinksters, or anyone who fancies a bit of Irish, who likes to spank or be spanked. Post spanking stories, spanking videos or anything spanking related.

Tgirls in Ireland (tg/ts/tv/cd etc), FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-12
Mainly for girls who identify as “trans” be they transgendered/transsexual/transvestite/crossdresser; anyone’s welcome even admirers. Don’t have to be involved in BDSM scene to join; pls try to keep topics aimed towards sharing experiences-asking questions or maybe even offering a little advice.

Twisted Leprechaun – Ireland’s first ever bondage and BDSM festival, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-12
Ireland’s bondage and BDSM conference.

Waterford, Ireland, FetLife, reviewed 2015-Jul-17
For kinky people of any shape, size, gender or sexual orientation in Waterford, and their friends and partners to chat and discuss the lifestyle.

Waterford Munch Group, FetLife, reviewed 2015-Jul-17
For people in the South East to organise events and meetings and generally get to know each other and post events in the area.

Waterford sadomasochists, FetLife, reviewed 2015-Jul-17
For the Sadists and masochists of Waterford and surrounding counties. All shapes, genders & sexual orientations welcome.

Wolfucking Ireland, FetLife, reviewed 2015-Jul-26
To help men and women into giving and receiving a primal yet tender kind of experience. For all dynamics, heterosexual, homosexual and everything in between orientation. Welcomes monogamous couples, people who are polyamorous and kinky singles as well.

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