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Munches • sloshes • M/s • D/s • S&M (Sadists/sadism-Masochists/masochism) • MAsT (Masters and slaves Together) • TNG (The Next Generation)-Under 35 • TOG (The Older Generation)-Over 35 • Dominants-Domina-Domme-Dominatrix, submissive-sub-subbie • NLA (National Leather Association) • FemDom-ClubFEM • Leather • Levi • MC • SSC-RACK-PRICK • HOH (Head of Household) • DD (Domestic Discipline) • MDHL (Male Dominant Heterosexual Leather • DaddyDom-Mommies • Age Play-baby girl-littles-AB (Adult Baby)-ANR (Adult Nursing Relationships)-DL (Diaper Lover)-ABDL • LGBT • Gay-Straight-Lesbian-Bisexual-Pansexual-Asexual • swingers/swinging-gang bangs-threesome-NSA-FWB • Personals-classifieds • Poly-polyamory/polyamoury-polyfidelity-polygamy-open marriages/relationships • CMNF-CFNM • BlackBeat-POC • CD-TG-TV-Sissy-F2M-M2F-GQ-GF • Gorean • Spanking-OTK • Bondage-Chains-Rope-Shibari-Peer Rope-Rope Bite-Hitchin’ Bitches • Pet Play-Pony-Puppy-Kitty • Furry-CosPlay • BBW-BHM lovers • craft- and toy-making, stitch-n-bitch, whip throws • vanilla special interest meets, including books, bowling, camping, guns, games-gaming, geeks, hiking, movies, wine, writing
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