Oct 122008

Sometimes you can feel the most alive from the simplest, smallest of sensations and experiences…

… a pinch to an upper arm, leaving a dime of a mark, but shivering right through you, moving quicker than your pulse;
… a jammed pinkie, growing unable to bend, but bringing a smile of a ferocious soccer match;
… fingers holding onto a collar, cutting your breath, whispering of things best forgotten;
… the feeling of lips on your forehead, searing the memory of the moment into your brain forever;
… the polish-free circle on a big toe, smudged and erased, the paint left behind in a curl of intensity;
… a pucker of the roots at your nape’s tender skin, pulled taut from your own resistance, held firm by another’s strength and determination;
… the startling jabbing of a piercing, stabbed deep in your private folds, just as you were sure it was over;
… his familiar scent, oozing from every pore, wafting over me like anesthesia;
… touching, tasting, wiping the salty dew on another’s forehead, made damp from their attention and connection with you;
… a startling, possessive tweak to an unsuspecting, hungry nipple .

a sigh
a whisper
a word
a moment

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