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ClubFEM Tasmania, FetLife, verified 2014-May-18
Social organisation composed of individuals who want to develop sincere Female dominant/male submissive relationships.

The Den (Tasmania), FetLife, verified 2014-May-18
Open to all Dominants no matter their sex, or sexual preference.

Dominants and submissives Tasmania (DasT), FetLife, verified 2014-May-18
For those interested in Total Power Exchange especially M/s and D/s dynamics. Open to all who identify as Dominants and slaves/submissives both male and female.

FemDom Club Tasmania, FetLife, verified 2014-May-18
For Female Dominants, subs (male and female) and slaves (male and female) in Tasmania. Welcomes Mistresses, Domina’s, Domme’s, Madame’s, Empresses, and any other title not listed for a Female Dominant, and all their present and/or future subs and slaves, including service slaves.

Kinky (Tasmanian) Devils, FetLife, verified 2014-May-18
To chat with each other, to discuss different fetishes, to idea and/or skill share, and to have fun!

MAsT Hobart, FetLife, verified 2014-May-18
Established to discuss the M/s dynamic.

Paws ‘n Claws Tasmania, FetLife, verified 2014-May-18
For people who identify themselves as a pet, who are interested in learning to be a pet or have animal instincts/behavior who are wanting to explore this. Open for owners and their pets, strays and ferals, those in need of adoption or those looking to adopt.

Peer Rope Tasmania, FetLife, verified 2014-May-18
For people interested in learning about rope bondage including Shibari, Kinbaku, Fusion Bondage, Western Bondage, rope making and rope preparation.

Poly and Kinky Tas, FetLife, reviewed 2015-Aug-14
For Poly kinksters in Tasmania to come together, meet new people, chat with like-minded poly people, and to find out information about polyamoury.

Spankos Tasmania, FetLife, verified 2014-May-18
Exclusive spanking social group dedicated to ‘spanking only’ for spanking purists devoted to consensual adult spanking, other activities will NOT occur in this group.

TasmanianBDSM, FetLife, verified 2014-May-18
Information about upcoming munches, play parties and workshops along with BDSM related chat and information helpful to members.

Tasmanian Calendar of Events, FetLife, verified 2014-May-18
Central location and easy access to ALL local events as well as a quick reference guide to all Tasmanian Groups/Clubs.

Tasmanian Classifieds and Personal Ads, FetLife, verified 2014-May-18
Buy, sell, swap anything of a kinky nature.

Tasmanian Dom & Domme, FetLife, verified 2014-May-18
Safe place to ask a question, to have a chat about an experience, good or bad.

Tasmanian Fetish Club, FetLife, verified 2014-May-18
Hobart based, real life social club; proactive in training, get-togethers and other social activities, a versatile club for all interests welcoming fetishists, BDSMers and all subcultures of any gender, sexual orientation, role and dynamic; new and experienced alike welcome.

Tasmanian Leather Alliance (TLA), FetLife, verified 2014-May-18
For individuals who are interested in connecting with people who share a respect for the Leather lifestyle, its principles and its teachings.

Tasmanians over 55, FetLife, reviewed 2015-Jun-21
For all people over age 55. Dom, sub. All genders welcome.

Tassie Events, FetLife, verified 2014-May-18
Central point for anyone who wants to promote an event in Tasmania.

Unchain my part – For Non-bonds in Tasmania, FetLife, verified 2014-May-18
For those who either aren’t into BDSM but have other kinks, or alternatively, they are into BDSM but they have other kinks that they don’t normally get to discuss in a local group.

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