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CLICK HERE to add, update, delete a group's listing.NOTE: Links are listed in alphabetical order by name of the group, not city or specific location. For best results, look through the entire list, especially as group names often include abbreviations or other methods obscuring their placement. Signing up for update emails (via ChangeDetection.com link at bottom of each page) and/or reviewing the list regularly is recommended.

NZ DIRECTORY of Kink Groups/Regular Events

The Amazing BDSM Supper Club, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-21
Wellington based kinksters who get together once a month or so for banquets, gallery exhibits, book readings, wine-tours, fairs, or anything else we choose to do, both kink and non-kink related.

Auckland BDSM, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-21
Auckland BDSM, Yahoo, verified 2013-Aug-21
For members to talk openly, freely and without judgment.

Auckland Bulls/Hotwife Forum, FetLife, reviewed 2015-May-16
Get to know a Bull or a Hotwife in Auckland. Cuckolds come to receive applications from bulls.

Auckland, New Zealand TNG (35 and Under) BDSM social group, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-21
To see how much interest there would be in an under 35 “TNG” group starting for young kinksters in Auckland.

Auckland threesome, FetLife, reviewed 2015-Aug-22
Connecting single women, men and couples searching for threesomes in the Auckland area.

Australia and New Zealand Poly Relationships, FetLife, verified 2015-Mar-14
Discuss your current, and desired, Poly relationships. Target members will be Kiwis, Aussies, or people with a link to one of those two nations.

Australian/New Zealand young subs/slaves looking for older Dom/mes and Masters/Mistresses and vice versa., FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-21
For the young or old to look for their age opposites in the Bdsm world.

Bay Of Plenty New Zealand, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-21
See if there are enough of us to get some events

Bay of Plenty Travelling Munch Group New Zealand (BOP TMG), FetLife, reviewed 2015-Jul-07
Meet fellow kinksters at regular monthly munches, held in Tauranga then Rotorua alternatively.

BBW Community NZ, FetLife, verified 2014-Apr-02
Doesn’t matter if you are submissive, dominant, switch, fetishist etc.

Blissfully Bound, Yahoo, verified 2013-Aug-21
Hamilton’s Alternative Lifestyles group.

Canterbury S/M Group, FetLife, reviewed 2015-Jul-27
SIG (Special Interest Group) of UncommomBonds. Focuses on those who enjoy more extreme type of play.

CFNM Christchurch, FetLife, reviewed 2015-Jul-03
Clothed Female Naked Male. Aim: To provide a relaxed environment where ladies get to exert their authority and men get to be humiliated and played with in lots of wicked ways.

Christchurch Kinksters, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-21
For Christchurch Kinksters

Christchurch, New Zealand TNG (35 and Under) BDSM social group, FetLife, verified 2015-Mar-25
Established to promote and facilitate the gathering of 18-35 and significant others with an emphasis on socialisation, education and kinship; encourages discussion and open communication.

Christchurch Rope Bite, FetLife, verified 2014-Mar-08
Fetlife component of the Christchurch “Rope Bight” munch

Christchurch Uncommon Bonds, see Uncommon Bonds

Club Sparty, FetLife, verified 2015-Mar-16
Spartys BDSM Night, FetLife, verified 2015-Mar-16
Auckland’s premier couples/lifestyles club.

CP New Zealand, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-21
Aims: Provide specialist help and information re: CP and to promote communication, discussion and friendship between like-minded people.

Demisexuals New Zealand, FetLife, reviewed 2015-May-20
Come together and talk about experiences, ask questions and feel included.

Dunedin Munch Group, Fetlife, verified 2017-Jun-01
Dunedin Munch Group (“DMG”) Otago is Dunedin’s democratic kinky Munch group.
We’re a friendly, welcoming first point of contact and regular social gathering for kinky people in Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand.
We Munch on the first Sunday afternoon of each month (unless otherwise indicated) in a central, neutral location.

Eats, Roots, Shoots and Leaves – Kiwi Kinky Gardeners, FetLife, reviewed 2015-Aug-30
Share gardening tips.

Femme Domme Connextion, FetLife, verified 2014-Apr-22
Auckland based. For those that identify as female and dominant, whether that is fluid or permanent. Provides safe, friendly, fun space to explore their inner Femme Domme, by sharing experiences and knowledge, and celebrating female dominance in its many forms.

Frustrated Submissives of Wellington New Zealand, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-21
Please join the group if you are male or female, sub or Dom(me), near Wellington, not near Wellington, interested in a network of like minded respectful people being able to explore their interests, passions and tendencies with confidence.

GANGBANGNZ, FetLife, verified 2014-Apr-02
Auckland based. Organising Gangbang parties for many years.

Golden Showers New Zealand, FetLife, verified 2014-Apr-02
For anyone curious or interested in Golden showers to speak and share discussions

Gorean Diners, FetLife, verified 2015-Mar-16
Monthly dinner meeting in Gore. Purpose: to create a supportive and enjoyable group of BDSM enthusiasts in the Northern Southland and South Otago regions.

Hawkes Bay Playpen, FetLife, verified 2014-Apr-02
For Bay people – and their friends -to compare toys, scheme, rant, kick back and make assignations.

Hawkes Bay Splinter Group, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-21
Non-officious Hawkes Bay group, where the priorities are about having fun with our kink. With a determined emphasis on teaching, mentoring and learning. A supportive group that is inclusive. Democratic with elected representatives.

Hawkes Bay Under 35s, FetLife, verified 2014-Apr-02
Small collection of people in the Hawkes Bay area under age 35. For events and public gatherings as well as discussing things on your kinky minds. Relaxed, friendly and informative.

KapitiBDSM, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-21
KapitiBDSM, Yahoo, verified 2013-Aug-21
For lifestyle and kinky people for the northern Wellington residents and north to Kapiti and beyond; will have “innovative munches” with your input

Kink Horowhenua, FetLife, verified 2014-Apr-26
For people from and around the Horowhenua who have an interest in kinky stuff.

Kink Manawatu, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-21
Kink friendly pan sexual social group that shares life experiences and companionship on a regular basis. Groups/Treads/Events that may be of interest and/or close to us should be posted on here.

Kinkiest Kiwis, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-21
A sounding ground for new and improved ways to get your kink on. If you have a grubby intent this group is the place to facilitate it. Its not a place for RACK SSC 24/7D’s Online Wankery and similar foolishness.

Kinky Cantabrians, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-21
For those in the Christchurch and greater Canterbury area. Not affiliated with any real life group but rather presenting an unbiased forum for all people in the area to mention events, share resources and discuss things related to our area.

Kinky Kiwi’s – Mod free, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-21
Talk about what’s on your mind…and the twist is..there is as little moderating as possible apart from your own good judgement

Kinky Victoria (VUW), FetLife, verified 2015-Apr-09
For students of Wellington’s Victoria University. Not affiliated with Victoria University.

Kinky Wellington, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-21
Non-affiliated group; for members to post about upcoming events, to ask kinky questions, or just to chat about kinky and non-kinky things.

Kiwi Coffee Connection, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-21
For New Zealanders who don’t want to run about looking for a date but love to drink coffee! You can put an ad up advertising that you’d like someone to have a coffee with.

Kiwi Cuckolds, FetLife, verified 2014-Apr-02
For couples and single guys who are interested or actively involved in the Cuckold scene in NZ.

Kiwi DM’s, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-21
About education, information, communication, a bloody good laugh once in a while and general sharing between those who are Dungeon Monitors and those interested in this aspect of BDSM.

Kiwi E-Stim, FetLife, reviewed 2015-Jul-02
For Kiwis who enjoy using electro or E-Stim. For both bottoms and Tops and for Male, Female or other sexual orientation. Post techniques, equipment, or any questions.

Kiwi Fetish, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-21
For New Zealanders who are into fetishes of all kinds, including cross dressing, rubber/latex, bondage, foot worship, chastity, and other fetishes that often get pushed aside at bdsm events and parties. Evolved into a space of discussion of all BDSM practices and cultures in Aotearoa.

Kiwi Kinksters, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-21
For individuals NZ wide and kiwi’s abroad to connect, share advice, have a giggle and generally have a place to interact. Topics non BDSM related are welcome also.

Kiwi Kinky Forsale, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-21
Open to Kiwis to list their items forsale, so have you a item or two forsale that you want to sale. Post it here.

Kiwi Masters and slaves, FetLife, verified 2015-Mar-14
For people who are in M/s relationships, or interested in M/s relationships, and who have a connection to New Zealand. Including but not limited to: Gorean relationships, TiH relationships, 1950s Household styled M/s

Kiwi News, Reviews, Opinions & Comments, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-21
For all those random things that happen out and about, inside and out or you feel just need to be verbalised within ourselves or shared with others.

Kiwi Personals, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-21
A place to advertise yourself, what you are seeking and who you are. Keep it friendly and open minded and non-judgemental.

Kiwi Resources, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-21
For assisting everyone to have more fun with their kink.

Kiwi Rope, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-21
Focal point for NZ rope bondage community. For anyone interested in rope bondage: riggers, rope bottoms, and those with a purely aesthetic interest in rope bondage (i.e. those interested in rope bondage photography), to connect, share and interact.

Kiwis Seeking Kiwis, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-21
If you want, a Dom/Domme, Top, switch, a sub, a slave or whatever you want place your “advert” here.

New Zealand BDSM personals, FetLife, verified 2015-Apr-01
Personals group for people in New Zealand or coming to New Zealand who wish to connect with each other for the purpose of Bondage, Dominance and submission, Discipline, or Sadomasochism. Whether that be learning, playing, sharing, art, or friendship.

New Zealand Erotic Photography, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-21
Place where people interested in the process of creating erotic photography can post be it models looking for work, or photographers looking for models or wanting a place to post original photos.

New Zealand Fisting, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-21
For all Kiwis who are into, interested in or whould love to try Fisting.

New Zealand Flatmates Wanted, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-21
For people in NZ looking for flatmates, either with a room available or looking for a room.

New Zealand Goths, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-21
Designed for any New Zealanders who identify themselves as “gothic” in any sense of the word, where those of us with the darker tastes for life can rejoice!

New Zealand Polyamory Group, verified 2015-Apr-10
Aim: To provide an informative, interactive community for NZ people with an interest in polyamory.

New Zealand Ponyplay, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-21
For NZ pony enthusiasts to chat, get to know each other and broaden their social circles within the community.

New Zealand TNG, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-21
NZ TNG, Yahoo, verified 2013-Aug-21
For the 18-35 year olds of New Zealand to hang out, get to know each other, and discuss experiences.

New Zealand Watersports, FetLfe, verified 2013-Aug-21
To discuss and meet those interested in watersports, that are in New Zealand; discuss events, individual meetings, experiences, tips and advice

New Zealand Zentai, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-21
For the lovers of zentai in New Zealand to talk about and share their zentai experiences.

northernBonds (NZ), FetLife, verified 2014-Mar-26

N.Z. BDSM, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-21
A way for everyone to keep in touch no matter what the kink. A place to relax, share experiences

NZ Fetish Ball, FetLife, reviewed 2015-May-13
For all fetish ball related posts.

N.Z. Furs / Furries, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-21
For any Furs/Furries that are primarily based in New Zealand

NZ Medical Play, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-21
For New Zealand’s medical, surgical fetish fans. If you love medical play or want to learn more about it, from nurses, to doctors, surgeons, and patients

NZ Non Kinky Buy, sell or swap, FetLife, verified 2014-Apr-22
Notice board for those wanting to buy, sell or swap non kinky goods.

NZ Over 35s … Real BDSM … ‘Badly dressed Social Misfits’, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-21
Restricted to: OVER 35 yr olds

NZ Primals, FetLife, reviewed 2015-Jul-04
For those that loves or curious about all things primal, such as: biting, wrestling, growling, and rough animalistic sex.

NZ Singletail SIG, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-21
Where people can share knowledge and pictures, discuss techniques, suppliers, materials, play/use/ideas, and any and all things related to singletails.

NZ Test Bunnies, FetLife, verified 2014-Mar-26
Like-minded, twisted individuals who like testing out new ideas and innovations and for those that like to have “things” tested on them.

NZTV & Films, FetLife, verified 2014-Apr-22
Discusses television programmes and films.

On Holiday in Central Otago / Queenstown / Wanaka?, FetLife, reviewed 2015-Jun-23
For fellow kinksters or meeting others who may share kinky interests while visiting the beautiful Central Otago area.

Palmerston North Littles, FetLife, reviewed 2015-May-25
To meet with other littles, and arrange meet ups and such. Littles only.

PolyKiwis, Yahoo, verified 2015-Apr-10

Southern Kinx, verified 2013-Aug-21
People interested in BDSM and related kinks and fetishes.

The Spanking Club New Zealand, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-21
For spankers and spank curious people, who are looking outside the typical BDSM groups for spanking play, fun and education.

Spartys BDSM Night, see Club Sparty

SSBBW & BHM in NZ, FetLife, verified 2014-Apr-02
For BBW/SSBBW/BHM or admirers for dating & social networking. Meet other singles, swingers, share ideas/thoughts, organize meetings, lunches, play sessions, imitate encounters

TES Wellington, verified 2013-Aug-21
TES Wellington, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-21
The Endorphin Society Social & educational group for those 18 years and older who are interested in any aspect of BDSM/fetish. Welcomes people of all genders and sexual orientations.

T.L.C. Dunedin.NZ., FetLife, reviewed 2015-May-18
Social like-minded people who would wish to come together together on a regular basis to share and indulge in their kink in a discreet and caring environment.

Travelling Kiwi’s, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-21
For those travelling around NZ and who want to touch base with other’s within the scene. Just let us know where you are going and when.

Twisted Sisters Australia & New Zealand, Facebook, reviewed 2015-May-29
Twisted Sisters (Australia & New Zealand), FetLife, reviewed 2015-May-29
Open to all women, whatever sexual or kink orientation. Transgender and gender fluids welcome as long as woman-identify. Build friendships, share ideas, be supported by other women. Events especially aimed at lifestyle newcomers and/or those finding traditional munches not very appealing.

Uncommon Bonds, verified 2013-Aug-21
Christchurch Uncommon Bonds, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-21
Non-profit, pansexual organisation that brings together a lively, creative and fun-loving group of people with wide-ranging interests in Fetish, Kink and BDSM

Underground 2016, FetLife, verified 2015-Apr-01
For the party goers to check out what’s goin’ on. Auckland 2016.

Wahine Toa!, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-21
Network, discuss issues, ask questions, share resources and information, tips, tricks, thoughts, opinions, and philosophies pertinent to Femdomination

Waikato kinks, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-21
Encourages discussion about BDSM, fetishes, alternative sexuality, and alternative relationships

Wellington CD/TV/TG Group, FetLife, verified 2014-May-12
Social group for the connection of practitioners and the dissemination of information. For any interested in any cross dressing activities for what ever reason and to any extent.

Wellington – New Zealand Pro Dommes, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-21
Very discreet, fully equipped dungeon and provide sessions ranging from very light tie and tease to severe corporal punishment, anal play and much more. All newcomers welcome.

Wellington Rope, FetLife, verified 2015-Mar-19
For anyone interested in rope bondage: riggers, rope bottoms, and those with a purely aesthetic interest in rope bondage (i.e. those interested in rope bondage photography).

Wolfucking Auckland New Zealand, FetLife, reviewed 2015-Jul-02
Rough, often primal/brutal sex that sometimes borders on non-consent, speckled with moments of tenderness. Tends to take place in meticulously planned situations designed to create intense experiences that tap into the deepest, darkest desires of sexually adventurous people.

Womyn on Top Otago, FetLife, verified 2013-Aug-21
For Dominant, Top and Switch women to discuss all those issues peculiar to being female and on top.

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