Jun 152018

THE D+G NE will be taking the place of GKENE, running the same weekend in the same hotel in Hartford CT. The dates for 2019 are August 16-18.

We hope you will find it as appealing as the old events, if not more so.

Our plans include the following:

    • a tea party
    • THE Geekeasy, a fun event with cocktails and finger foods. Dress up if you like!
    • nationally and regionally known presenters
    • dungeons with great, solid equipment
    • hotel takeover, no sharing with non-kink folks
    • fun events and great workshops
    • registration includes most workshops
    • an amazing blanket fort
    • fun with friends old and new
    • shiny cosplay and LARPs
    • well-organized staff and programming

How will our events be different?

    • careful attention to our vetting process, including sex offender and ban lists
    • a ruleset that encourages good behavior on the part of all attendees and allows the freedom to enjoy yourself, too
    • our company is sex-positive in nature and will embrace that in its policies and have a sex-positive dungeon space available for those who wish to enjoy that atmosphere
    • THE (Turtle Hill Events) is a kink-owned and -operated company with over 15 years of experience running kink events
    • D+G is meant to appeal to all folks in the kink world, including everyone from newbies to experienced players. It’s not a frat party and not aimed at only TNG folks.​.

​We hope you will join us for this new event for the Geeky, Kinky community.



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