Oct 262008

smiling softly, the haze of bliss still coating the eyes

Last night was another delicious evening for the memory books. It was nearly the perfect combination of play and service opportunities, and i could not be more grateful.

Sir Mark and His sunshine were kind enough to allow me to serve Them, Their home, and the needs of Their guests. It had been a long time since i’d been able to serve this many, this long, and it was ecstatic experience of its own. i appreciated both of them for their conscientious reminders to tend to my own needs too. (My secret thanks, i think winks, to Lavender haha) Sir Mark was even so thoughtful, offering to needle the targets of my costume onto me; wonder where He got that idea? swivels head

Those that were gracious enough to allow me to meet their various needs, i humbly thank You. Each time i was able to deliver a cup of the aromatic homemade pumpkin brew, top off a glass of much needed refreshment, clear a plate, i sensed my body soften and surge, as electrifying, and moving through my body, in nearly the same way as feeling an implement strike. How sweet it was!

Thanks would not be complete without a deeply felt, certainly inadequate, expression of gratitude to the One that delivered a powerful reminder of positive choices, and the ultimate control held by strong Dominant, particularly when activated by the exchange of power. My pout ignited a fire, with the fuel provided by the wood of two broken paddles; needless to say my bottom side is feeling the heat today!

Also of note: Thank You to Joe, for helping me secure a perfect paddle to kick off the evening, Paddler for walking me through some ideas while i roamed at Dom Depot (maybe that gleam in my eye is why i got so much help and attention haha, and the others that gave various suggestions while i worked on this “project.”grins

i am really one of the luckiest people in the world. smiles contentedly, enjoying the moment and the memories

For another version of the events, here’s the Hostess’ version

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