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Of course, no one reading this would be guilty of any of these mistakes.

For convenience sake, when I say “you”, I’m really referring to those other guys that make these all-too-common mistakes.

Saying where you are – NOT!

When groups name and refer to themselves by geographic generalities (eg Valley Kink, NE Whippers, Bay Area), group seekers get lost.

Cute Acronyms, or SMART ain’t smart!

If you don’t spell out who you are, where you are, what the group’s focus is, than how will anyone know?

Outdated event or group information in the Description Section

If the group formed in 2009, is it still “new”? Is the “next munch” really six months ago?

FYI: abbr’s = GIGO (Garbage In, Garbage Out)

When abbreviations are used, as clear as they may be when reading, they are nearly useless when searching. Yes, TX = Texas, but tell that to a “Places” or keyword FetLife search.

Doing it right – the wrong way

Your membership is restricted to those in Istanbul and Constantinople; it says so right there in the group rules. Problem is the “Rules” and “Restricted to” sections – neither of which is indexed (read: searchable).

Speeling erors R bad!

I have seen group names with the city or state misspelled. Think this is just a matter for the Grammar Police? Nope! Try finding that group in a search.

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Good luck!

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  1. […] Several years ago, The MALL Directory was born from the realization that adult, non-commercial discussion groups, especially those relating to BDSM or fetishes, were difficult to find. Even at the height of their popularity, Yahoo groups were often censored and deleted. As FetLife emerged as a platform, munches and meetings continue to be hidden in plain sight even though the site is indexed and able to be searched. (Want to know to how to fix that problem? Check out these all-too-common mistakes.) […]

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