Nov 172010

I see another.
You’re not enough.
I get lonely. I have holes in my life that need to be filled. I need to be reminded I’m sexy too.

I’ve been with beauty queens.

I’m out of your league.
Beauty alone isn’t enough to interest Me. When sexy women are interested in Me, it proves I’m sexy.

I don’t want complications.

Don’t tell me your emotions.
I cherish you. I wish I could take away when it hurts.

She was such a good fuck.

Why can’t you be?
That slut had skills. I’m getting older. She may have been, but you’re here now.

Don’t ever make me choose.

Because you will always lose.
I can’t be your everything. Being “trapped” scares me. I hate thinking I’ve lost options.

You’re pretty on the inside.

Your outside repulses me.
What attracts me is not seen, but felt – and enjoyed. Your smile blows me away.

He said nothing.

She heard nothing – but silence.
Dismiss the committee. Be still and find Me –and peace – within.

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