Jun 212009

For all the Hallmark moments of Father’s Day, including cheerful ads picturing BBQs and Rockwell families, this holiday can serve as a reminder of painful circumstances.

Let us take a moment to reflect positivity back at the darkness coming from those connections, and remember those that:

  • suffer the pain of being unable to become a father;
  • are fathers themselves, but have lost a child, never again hearing those precious holiday wishes-or any others;
  • have lost their father to death;
  • feel a hole from not knowing or being connected to their father;
  • witness their father transform or ‘disappear’ through the ravages of addiction, Alzheimer’s or other debilitating diseases;
  • have endured abuses and traumas, abandonment and hurts at the hands of dads, father figures (even religious leaders called ‘Father’).

May this day, and those around us, find peace and joy.

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