Apr 122009

Greetings GDsN Members:

Thank you all for taking the time to belong to GDsN. For the past 2-1/2 years, GDsN has been very special to me, as a place to make new connections, to learn, to grow and to share.

That said, i have decided i am unable to dedicate the time to this group as owner to adequately maintain the cornerstones of its existence. Rather than allow it to become over run by spam, a free-for-all debate, an opportunity for trolling for fresh meat, or any other degradation of its original design, this group will cease being a discussion forum for the indefinite future. However, i do plan to continue to allow members to join, and the links and message archive to be accessed. (i will continue to be a “kinky linky”, so please share information regarding local groups, etc.)

While GDsN has been unique, i believe many of our purposes are being met in other ways at this time. Please allow me to suggest FetLife and its growing community. There are groups dedicated to newcomers, including novices and newbies. Feel free to “friend” me on FetLife; i’m there as “joyspreader4u” (please let me know that you’re from GDsN, so i may add you more quickly to my friends list).

Best wishes to each of you, regardless of the direction of your journey.

Warmly and respectfully,

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