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Eastern North America


Florida e-Fest
Livin’ in an Anal Erotic Paradise
November 8 – 10, 2019
Clearwater, Florida
Web Site:   http://www.floridaefest.org/
Info:   dancer48066@yahoo.com
Tagged:   Fetish
Annual con for Enema Fetish. “Tyler Reunion Group”.
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Coastal Carolina Fetish Fair
CCFF is in Myrtle Beach again for 2019
November 14 – 17, 2019
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
Web Site:   https://www.eventbrite.com/e/5th-annual-coastal-carolina-fetish-fair-tickets-61002623489
Tickets:   5thCCFF
Contact:   CKeithmy@yahoo.com
Tagged:   Vendor Faire
The Vendor Fair will include corsets, whips, low-temp candles, violet wands, kilts, canes, knives, paddles, and of course, more. Dungeon/Play Space available on Friday and Saturday night for all paid attendees.
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Diabolique Ball 23
Fetish Asylum
November 30, 2019
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Web Site:   http://www.diaboliquephilly.com/
Contact:   https://www.facebook.com/DiaboliqueBall/
Tagged:   Fetish
The Diabolique Ball was created in 1997 by Kali Morgan of PASSIONAL (and now also Sexploratorium www.passionaltoys.com) along with Psydde Delicious of Delicious Corsets now found within Delicious Boutique along with a team of dedicated friends. Diabolique Ball 23: Fetish Asylum opens at 8PM on Saturday November 30 at The Painted Bride Art Center where creative and kinky spirits will converge for an unorthodox session of erotic overload.


Cirque De Boudoir – Carnavalesque New Year’s Eve 2020
The largest KINK/FETISH NYE event in Montreal!
December 31, 2019
Montréal, Québec, Canada
Web Site:   https://fetlife.com/events/115767
Tickets:   https://www.cirquedeboudoir.com/en/
Tagged:   Fetish
Performances by Audrey Ivory, Mimi Cherry, Natasha Nebula, HOLY SCAR & more. Plus: CDB Gogo Dancers, Visuals & countdown by Bunnyguts.
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End of Year Masquerade Ball
December 28, 2019
Washington, District of Columbia
Web Site:   https://fetlife.com/events/817756
Contact:   https://www.the-crucible.com
Tagged:   Fetish
Masquerade Costumes, Fetish Attire and Masks Encouraged. Hosted by Sinfully Naughty Playductions.
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Snowball by Weekend Reunion – Click for more info
2020 date to be announced
January 12, 2019
Baltimore Playhouse, Baltimore, Maryland
Web Site:   http://weekendreunion.com/snowball.htm
Contact:   https://fetlife.com/coffeebaby
Tagged:   Fetish, BDSM
First year. Special hotel accommodations are available; see Event Site for details. You will be treated to the 12,000 square foot playspace at The Baltimore Playhouse. Dress code applies!


PALS Fetish Fest
February 1 – 2, 2019
Pensacola, Florida
Web Site:   http://pals-fl.com/
Contact:   http://pals-fl.com/panhandle-alternative-lifestyle-society/
Tagged:   BDSM
Panhandle Alternative Life Styles presents a weekend of presenters and vendors, with a Saturday night party at a hotel.

TRC Annual Fetish Ball
Valentine’s Day Weekend @ The Red Chair
February 16, 2019
Birmingham, Alabama
Web Site:   http://theredchair.org/
Info:   trcleadership@gmail.com
Tagged:   Fetish
Bring out your best leather, vinyl, latex, corsets, boots, neck ties, collars and leashes. Or, just wear something sexy.


Nightshade Halifax – The Rubber Ball
6th Annual
March 2, 2019
Halifax, Nova Scotia
Web Site:   http://www.nightshadehalifax.com/events.html
Contact:   https://www.facebook.com/NightshadeHalifax
Tagged:   Fetish
Fetish, kink, gothic & BDSM. Flyer
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Miss Nude United States
Ocean Gentlemen’s club
March 6 – 8, 2019
Chicago, Illinois
Web Site:   http://www.xcitement.com/hotflash/announcing-the-miss-nude-united-states-pageant-2019/
Contact:   https://www.facebook.com/Ocean-Gentlemens-Club-1554208728204709/
Tagged:   Sex, Fetish
The host club features a pool surrounding the stage, and yes, Ocean does have mermaids!
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Dark Side of the Con
North America’s 3-day Dark-alternative Convention
March 29 – 31, 2019
Parsippany, New Jersey
Web Site:   http://darksideofthecon.com/
Contact:   https://www.facebook.com/events/615618008822207/
Tagged:   Fetish, Vendor Faire
Live shows, club nights, vendors, panels, activities. Tix Yes, Live Bats are in the entertainment line up.


Exxxotica Expo Chicago
Everyone Does It!
April 5 – 7, 2019
Chicago, Illinois
Web Site:   https://exxxoticaexpo.com/
Contact:   https://www.facebook.com/CelebrateSexyCHI/
Tagged:   Sex, Fetish
The EXXXOTICA Expo is the largest event in the USA dedicated to love and sex and features non-stop entertainment, hundreds of adult stars and hours of educational seminars.

Capital Ball Weekend
Las Vegas Rat Pack
April 12 – 19, 2019
Upstate, New York
Web Site:   https://www.albanypowerexchange.org/events/capitalball/
Info:   CapitalBall@Albanypowerexchange.org
Tagged:   Fetish
APeX in the Adirondacks. Hotel takeover, plus cabins.

Organ Grinder’s Ball
24th year
April 13, 2019
Cleveland, Ohio
Web Site:   http://www.fetishplayland.com/
Tagged:   Fetish, Performance
At the Cleveland House of Blues

Bikers Bears & Mayhem
Bears, Leather, Fetish, Bikers and Pups
April 23 – 27, 2020
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Web Site:   http://www.bearsbikersandmayhem.com
Tickets:   https://www.bearsbikersandmayhem.com/event/run-passes-tickets/
Info:   charles@bearsbikersandmayhem.com
Tagged:   Leather
The first large event in the US to combine the Bear, Leather, Fetish, Motorcycle and Puppy Communities.
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Rochester Erotic Arts Festival
April 26 – 27, 2019
Rochester, New York
Web Site:   http://www.rochestereroticartfest.org/
Tagged:   BDSM, Fetish
Performances, Swing parties, Dungeon times, Workshops, and a nude swim.

Wingnut Stables Spring Slave Hunt
April 27, 2019
Wingnut Stables, North Carolina
Web Site:   https://fetlife.com/events/753824
Tagged:   Pony, Fetish, Camping
Come run in the woods with us! Or watch the festivities at base camp. Either way, you’ll have a kinky good time! The prey are released into the woods, and then the hunters hunt them down using paintball guns. Hunters that capture prey are allowed to claim the bounty on that prey.

Memorial Day Weekend

Camp Crucible
Clean air, Dirty Living
May 23 – 31, 2020
Darlington, Maryland
Web Site:   http://www.campcrucible.com/
Tagged:   Camping, AgePlay, Fetish, Pony
Every year there is a different theme. There be Pirates! The best Pony Camp as always. KidsCamp.
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Fetish Factory Anniversary Weekend
24th year
May 22 – 27, 2019
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Web Site:   https://www.fetishfactory.com/
Info:   info@fetishfactory.com
Tagged:   Fetish, Rubber, Latex
All access pass $240. Hotel starts at $149 per night, minimum 4 nights, Weston Hotel Ft. Lauderdale. 5 days, 9 parties, hotel takeover.

Florida Fetish Weekend 24
Westin Hotel
May 22 – 27, 2019
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Web Site:   http://store.fetishfactory.com/
Tagged:   Fetish


Florida Leather Sir/ Leather boy/Community Bootblack Event Weekend
June 13 – 16, 2019
Flamingo Resort, St. Petersburg, Florida
Web Site:   http://www.flsb-fcbb.com/
Contact:   https://fetlife.com/events/755332
Tagged:   BDSM, Fetish, Leather
Florida Leather Sir/ Leather boy/Community Bootblack contests. https://fetlife.com/groups/53029/group_posts/13893120

Kinky Vendor Fair
June 15, 2019
Toronto, Ontario
Web Site:   https://www.instagram.com/p/ByqfzZ8B01R/
Info:   info@discreetodyssey.com
Tagged:   Fetish, Vendors
Showcasing the versatile space at D.O.T.

SELF – Southeast Leatherfest
SELF 24: Embrace
June 11 – 14, 2020
Atlanta, Georgia
Web Site:   http://seleatherfest.com/home
Contact:   http://my.yapp.us/SELF
Tagged:   BDSM, Leather, Fetish
Including the Southeast Person of Leather contest, and SouthEast Master/slave, SouthEast Bootblack, Ms. SouthEast LeatherFest, SouthEast LeatherFest boy, and Mr. SouthEast LeatherFest.
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Bound for Hell
Wicked Exploratorium, Dinner Performances, Auction and Masquerade Party!
June 22, 2019
330 Kent Street, Ottowa, Ontario
Web Site:   https://boundforhell4.brownpapertickets.com
Contact:   https://fetlife.com/events/780634
Tagged:   Rope
Bound for Hell is an annual, full-day event in three parts designed to raise money for the Ottawa rope community. Dress code: Fetish wear, all black, masquerade or costume. Bound for Hell est un événement annuel durant toute une journée entière, en trois parties, ayant pour but de lever des fonds pour la communautée de cordes locale.


TES Fest
Sexy summer fun!
July 3 – 5, 2020
Piscataway, New Jersey
Web Site:   https://www.tesfest.org/
Contact:   https://www.tesfest.org/
Tagged:   BDSM, Leather, Fetish
BDSM/Leather/Fetish/Sex Positive hotel takeover.
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Cirque De Boudoir – Summer Sleaze Ball
Time to get sleazy!
July 11, 2020
Montréal, Québec, Canada
Web Site:   https://fetlife.com/events/181631
Tickets:   https://www.cirquedeboudoir.com/en/
Tagged:   Fetish
Sleazy lineup of great DJs, Performers, GoGo dancers; sleazy visuals by Bunnyguts, sleazy play areas, sleazy dance floor and more.
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Peterborough Bondage Expo
Shibari in the Patch
Jul 13 – 14, 2019
Peterborough, Ontario, Canada
Web Site:   https://www.eventbrite.com/e/peterborough-bondage-expo-shibari-in-the-patch-tickets-55072230524
Contact:   https://fetlife.com/events/751630
Tagged:   Rope, BDSM
The annual Peterborough Bondage Expo is the regions largest Fetish Performance, Vendor, Workshop and Interactive Expo. Guest presenters Toronto Kinbaku Salon, GMHedon, Morphs_Princess and Morpheous. Interactive dungeon until midnight, then two hours of free play time. Fetlife Event Page


19th Annual Fetish Industry Trade Show
Aug 8 – 11, 2019
St. Petersburg, Florida
Web Site:   http://fetishcon.com/
Contact:   http://fetishcon.com/contact-us/
Tagged:   Fetish, Trade Show
Large vendor and exhibitor floor. http://fetishcon.com/exhibitors-vendors/. 4th Annual Fetish Awards – see Vimeo too.
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Steel City Eroticon
and The Bondage Ball
August 15 – 17, 2019
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Web Site:   https://bodyshopclubs.com/events/23681
Tickets:   https://bodyshopclubs.com/events/23681/orders/new
Contact:   events@bodyshopclubs.com
Tagged:   BDSM, Fetish, Polyamory
Poly mixer Thursday 7-9. Vending, art exhibits throughout the weelend. Saturday classes range from Kink 101 to Vulva Casting. Polyamory Discussion Panel. Erotic Fashion Show 5 PM Saturday. Saturday night Bondage Ball is a 21+ BYOB event, listed here separately. There are off-site play events.
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The Bondage Ball 2019
At The Body Shop
August 17, 2019
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Web Site:   https://www.facebook.com/events/294239324697777/
Contact:   https://www.facebook.com/BondageBallPittsburgh/
Tagged:   Fetish
When the spectacular talents of vaudeville collaborate with the mysterious world of kink and fetish … therein lies the Bondage Ball! Prepare yourself for an event so inclusive and spectacular that it will be a veritable Noah’s Ark for the arts, performances, music, and fetish! Join our incredible lineup of talented individuals as we unite to raise money for Breast Cancer Research and help spread breast cancer awareness!

Labor Day Weekend

Montréal Fetish Weekend
A Week Long Celebration of Kink
August 29 – September 2, 2019
Montréal, Québec, Canada
Web Site:   http://montrealfetishweekend.com/
Tickets:   https://montrealfetishweekend.com/tickets/
Contact:   https://montrealfetishweekend.com/contact/
Schedule:   https://montrealfetishweekend.com/events/
Tagged:   Fetish, Pony
15th year: 5 days and 5 nights, numerous parties. One of the world’s largest fetish gatherings. Join their email list to get discounts.
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Southern Decadence
48th Year
August 29 – September 2, 2019
New Orleans, Louisiana
Web Site:   http://www.southerndecadence.net
Info:   info@southerndecadence.net
Tagged:   Pony, Parade, Fetish
https://www.facebook.com/SouthernDecadenceNOLA/, https://www.facebook.com/southerndecadence/, Facebook, Ponies!, Fetlife, Contact @poniegirl


Exxxotica Expo Miami
Everyone Does It!
September 6 – 8, 2019
Miami, Florida
Web Site:   https://exxxoticaexpo.com/
Contact:   https://www.facebook.com/events/1438717909597730/
Tagged:   Sex, Fetish
The EXXXOTICA Expo is the largest event in the USA dedicated to love and sex and features non-stop entertainment, hundreds of adult stars and hours of educational seminars.

Liquid Red Detroit
5th Year
September 28, 2019
Detroit, Michigan
Web Site:   http://www.liquidreddetroit.com/
Info:   liquidredlv@gmail.com
Tagged:   Fetish, Pony, Pup
Miss/ Mr Bondage Detroit contest 2019, Hostess Noir Halo, Chaos Talent Fire Shows, Alyssa Jade Rope Bondage, DJ Darks Choir and DJ Phobos, MadameKross Bondage Booth and of course the Liquid Red Design Lingerie Fashion Show.
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Philadelphia Leather Pride Night
11th year
October 5, 2019
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Web Site:   http://plpn.org/
Contact:   https://www.facebook.com/PhiladelphiaLeatherPrideNight/
Tagged:   Fetish, Leather
Charity Auction, Bootblacking, Leather Dance Party. New Owners! See the Facebook page for more info. Web site not updated yet as of July 27 2019.

The DC Fetish Ball
Columbus Day weekend
October 13, 2019
Washington, District of Columbia
Web Site:   http://www.DCFetishBall.com
Listed 2019 date is based on last year’s date and is subject to change.

Pro and Lifestyle BDSM/Fetish
October 10 – 14, 2019
New Orleans, Louisiana
Web Site:   https://www.domcon.com/
Contact:   https://www.domcon.com/home/custom?page=Contact+Us
Tagged:   Fetish, Pup, Pony
Mistress Cyan presents The World’s Premier Professional & Lifestyle Domination Convention. Pet Show and Awards for Cutest Pet * Best Behaved Pet * Best Costume * Best Pet Trick

Exxxotica XXXL
Everyone Does It!
October 20 – 27, 2019
Edison, New Jersey
Web Site:   https://exxxoticaexpo.com/
Contact:   https://www.facebook.com/CelebrateSexyNJ/
Tagged:   Sex, Fetish
The EXXXOTICA Expo is the largest event in the USA dedicated to love and sex and features non-stop entertainment, hundreds of adult stars and hours of educational seminars.

Fantasy Fest
October 21 – 27, 2019
Key West Florida
Web Site:   https://www.fantasyfest.com/
Contact:   https://fantasyfest.com/contact/
Schedule:   https://fantasyfest.com/schedule/
Tagged:   Fetish
Click on “Little Black Book” on the Schedule page.
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Endless Night
New Orleans Vampire Ball
October 26, 2019
New Orleans, Louisiana
Web Site:   http://endlessnight.com/
Tagged:   Fetish Ball
A Venetian Masquerade meets a Vampire Court, with the elegance of a Burlesque Cabaret and the energy of a Rock Concert.

PhEERfest 2019
Sincinnati’s Only Halloween Edge Play Event
October 25 – 27, 2019
Cincinnati, Ohio
Web Site:   https://www.eventbrite.com/e/pheerfest-tickets-61342643498
Contact:   https://fetlife.com/events/723247
Tagged:   Fetish, BDSM
Tickets are on sale now. Vendors, classes, parties!

STIMULATE Annual Halloween Ball
October 25, 2019
New York, New York
Web Site:   http://stimulate-me.com/
Contact:   https://www.facebook.com/STIMULATE.nyc/
Tagged:   Fetish
Check stimulate.eventbrite.com for currently available tickets.

42 events in Eastern North America.

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Western North America


Ritual Steel – San Diego
November 8 – 9, 2019
San Diego, California
Web Site:   https://fetlife.com/groups/179725
Tickets:   http://bit.ly/RitualSteelSD2019
Tagged:   BDSM, Fetish
Ritual Steel is a transformative ritual piercing event intended to provide a unique personal and educational experience that can result in a coming-of-age transformation, catharsis, and/or emotional growth. Friday evening we will be doing a presentation on the history of hook rituals, followed by a meet and greet. Saturday afternoon we will facilitate a hook pull, and in the evening we will facilitate flesh hook suspensions.
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Westcoast Bound 2020
10th Anniversary
January 10 – 12, 2020
Vancouver, British Columbia
Web Site:   http://www.westcoastbound.ca/
Tickets:   https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/westcoast-bound-2020-tickets-60960571711
Tagged:   Rope, Fetish
Tier 1 tickets have already sold out. Join Mollena, Master Rook and slave rook, Najalaise, BossBoar, Q Wilson, Gloria Jackson-Nefertiti, Katherine and Ray, Trailmastr, Marceline_vq, Goddess Indigo and others. Presented by MVK. The location is in Coquitlam, one block away from Lougheed skytrain station.
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Random Acts of Kink Weekend
Calgary’s Newest Kink Conference
February 14 – 17, 2020
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Web Site:   https://www.randomactsofkink.com/
Tickets:   https://www.randomactsofkink.com/tickets
Tagged:   BDSM, Fetish
The event will feature a Fetish Ball on the Friday night followed by a full slate of cool and exciting workshops Saturday and Sunday with some sexy hot play parties each night. Monday is the Family Day weekend in Alberta (also Random Acts of Kindness day) so we hope our guests will stay up with us Sunday night before heading home on the Monday. Random Acts of Kink weekend has a goal of demonstrating diversity and inclusiveness through our planning and presenter team. We will be focusing on inviting presenters of with a diverse background with a focus on POC, LGBTQIA+, sex workers, disabled kinksters and TNG/new presenters.
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KC Fetish Festival-II
March 1 – 3, 2019
Kansas City, Missouri
Web Site:   http://thekcff.com/
Tagged:   Fetish
Classes and vendors. Fetish Ball on Saturday night. Reserve Hotel Room.

A Week of Wet, Kinky, Fetish Fun
March 3 – 10, 2019
Amber Coast, Dominican Republic
Web Site:   https://plungefetish.com/
Tagged:   Resort
Resort Takeover. Fetlife Event page

Annual AHS Iniquity Ball and IX 5-year Anniversary Bash
March 7, 2020
Kansas City, Missouri
Web Site:   https://fetlife.com/events/759487
Tagged:   Fetish
Save the date

Texas Latex Party
March 5 – 8, 2020
Houston, Texas
Web Site:   http://texaslatexparty.com/
Tagged:   Fetish, Latex
A celebration of Friends in Fetish. Dress Code event: Latex, leather, corsets.
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A Midsummer Night’s Dream
March 7 – 10, 2019
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Web Site:   https://www.vancoufur.org/
Contact:   http://bit.ly/2MKbuIi
Tagged:   Furry, Fetish, Pup
1000+ attendees expected. Fetlife

Wild Wild West Con
Steampunk: Magic & Mystery!
March 5 – 8, 2020
Tucson, Arizona
Web Site:   https://www.wildwestcon.com/
Tagged:   Fetish
This event takes place within Old Tucson, the famous movie studio and amusement park built in 1939 and featured in over 300 movies and TV shows. For this weekend only, Old Tucson is transformed into America’s only Western-style Steampunk Theme Park!
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March 16 – 17, 2019
Round Rock, Texas
Web Site:   https://ravishatx.com/event/bacchanalia/
Tagged:   Fetish, Sex
Repast of traditional Roman faire will be provided, as will beverage and entertainment. Heated bath will also be available and we encourage you to indulge in the coarsest of excess throughout the evening.

KiSS Equinox Ball
Gothic Dream Gala: Taste Kink, Find Your Flavour! ”
March 29, 2019
St. Paul, Minnesota
Web Site:   https://www.kinquesocialsociety.com/
Info:   Kinquesocialsociety@gmail.com
Tagged:   Fetish
Presented by Kinque Social Society. Fetlife Get Tix


Exxxotica Expo Denver
Everyone Does It! (2019 dates promised for Denver)
April 6 – 8, 2018
Denver, Colorado
Web Site:   https://exxxoticaexpo.com/
Contact:   https://www.facebook.com/CelebrateSexyDenver/
Tagged:   Sex, Fetish
The EXXXOTICA Expo is the largest event in the USA dedicated to love and sex and features non-stop entertainment, hundreds of adult stars and hours of educational seminars.

Rubout 28: Illuminate
April 5 – 7, 2019
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Web Site:   https://rubbout.com/
Contact:   https://rubbout.com/contact-us/
Tagged:   Fetish
RUBBOUT hosts events for men who love men in rubber and fetish gear. It is the longest consecutively-running men’s fetish event in North America!

Calgary Kinky Flea Market
April 13, 2019
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Web Site:   https://ca.groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/albertasocietyforkink/info
Contact:   https://fetlife.com/events/762971
Tagged:   Vendor Faire, Fetish, BDSM
Presented by Alberta Society For Kink. Contact Dennis at masdenask@gmail.com, Sharon s.mclaren@outlook.com, call 403 398 9968. Forest Heights Community Centre, 4909 Forego Avenue SE, Calgary.

Spring Fetish Flea Market
@The Vortex
April 13, 2019
Austin, Texas
Web Site:   https://fetlife.com/events/758013
Contact:   https://fetlife.com/users/99452
Tagged:   Vendor Faire
Free to attend. All interested vendors must complete this form. Vendors will be notified by March 1. Booth space is $25.00 plus a donated item for the silent auction. See their Fetlife Group for more info.

Rubber Ball USA
Erotic Ball
April 27, 2019
St. Paul, Minnesota
Web Site:   https://www.rubberballusa.com/
Tagged:   Fetish, Pony, Pup
Rubber Ball USA is an unrepentant annual celebration of fetish culture featuring internationally-renowned performers, models, and fashion designers. Debauchery meets elegance as we fill the Historic Concord Exchange with the most provocative fetish and kink entertainment. Dungeon is VIP access only.


DomCon Los Angeles
Pro and Lifestyle BDSM/Fetish
May 6 – 11, 2020
Los Angeles, California
Web Site:   http://www.domconla.com
Contact:   https://fetlife.com/events/395002
Tagged:   Fetish
Mistress Cyan presents The World’s Premier Professional & Lifestyle Domination Convention
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Through the Looking Glass
You Matter
May 18, 2019
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Web Site:   https://fetlife.com/events/740899
Tagged:   Leather, Fetish, Pony
Donations only. At The Source, Jaki Griot speaking on Perverts of Color; International Bear 2018 speaking on revisionist history and how to fix it; Mauro: Confessions of an AIDS lawyer; Russel on hooks, hooking, and suspension. Both theory and hands on; Elaina de la Mer speaking on humiliation; Alibi and Single tail. Two dungeons. Pet parade.


HEaRT of Texas 2019 Conference
Join us for the first annual Hypnotic, Erotic, and Recreational Trance Conference
May 31 – June 2, 2019
Austin, Texas
Web Site:   http://www.hearthypno.com/
Contact:   https://fetlife.com/groups/180218
Tagged:   Fetish, Hypnosis
A hypnosis conference with a uniquely Austin flair. Presenters include Lee Allure, Najalaise, Senor Jaime, Master Shack, LuckyAlbatross, Wiseguy.

Exxxotica Expo Portland
Everyone Does It!
June 7 – 9, 2019
Portland, Oregon
Web Site:   https://exxxoticaexpo.com/
Contact:   https://www.facebook.com/CelebrateSexyPD
Tagged:   Sex, Fetish
The EXXXOTICA Expo is the largest event in the USA dedicated to love and sex and features non-stop entertainment, hundreds of adult stars and hours of educational seminars.

Beguiled Conference
Hypnosis in the Midwest
June 28 – 30, 2019
Schaumburg, Illinois
Web Site:   http://beguiledcon.org
Contact:   https://beguiledcon.my-free.website/contact
Tagged:   Fetish, Hypnosis
Ticket options, donations, presenters, volunteers: Beguiled on TicketLeap


Bondage Ball
16th Anniversary
July 3, 2019
Los Angeles, California
Web Site:   http://www.bondageball.com/
Contact:   http://www.bondageball.com/novid,php?mod=contact
Tagged:   Fetish
Always held on July 3, eve of Independence Day.

Kansas City Queer Weekend
July 12 – 14, 2019
Kansas City, Missouri
Web Site:   https://www.eventbrite.com/e/kansas-city-queer-weekend-tickets-62410224662
Contact:   https://www.facebook.com/queerbartakeoverkc
Tagged:   Fetish
By Queer Bar Takeover KC

Vancouver Fetish Weekend 2019
8 Events – 1000+ In Attendance
July 23 – 27, 2020
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Web Site:   http://www.vancouverfetishweekend.com/
Info:   isaacterpstra@gmail.com
Tagged:   Fetish
Cocktail parties, fetish and bondage balls, a cruise, and on Monday a decompression Beach Trip.
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EXILE 7 – A Fetish Ball
August 17, 2019
Exdo Event Center, Denver, Colorado
Web Site:   http://lokusdorproductions.com
Contact:   info@lokusdorproductions.com
Tagged:   Fetish
Voodoo Leatherworks / Marquis Lifestyle Center / Lokusdor Productions. Dress code: As bar-legal naughty as you wanna be! Lokusdor Productions is a Colorado Non-Profit Charitable Organization with 501(c)(3) status. In the past five years, Lokusdor Productions has donated over $60,000 to local and national charitable organizations.

NAPTC – North American Pony Trainer Contest
Pony Title contest at Sanctuary-LAX
August 14 – 15, 2020
Los Angeles, California
Web Site:   http://www.northamericanponytrainercontest.com/
Contact:   http://www.northamericanponytrainercontest.com/contact/
Tagged:   Leather, Pony
The winner(s) of this contest will go forth to share their knowledge and love of pony play through teaching and mentoring those within the leather, kink and fetish communities. Judges for 2020: Ms Liza and her slave, Jody – Rebecca Wilcox – Mistress Cyan – Trixie LaFontaine

Ritual Revolution
August 14 – 16, 2020
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Web Site:   https://fetlife.com/events/834846
Contact:   https://fetlife.com/RitualRevolution
Tagged:   BDSM, Fetish
Ritual Revolution will feature rituals such as hook suspension, energy pulls, cleansing ceremonies and more. Our focus will be on how what we do to the body can help open up the mind and spirit. We welcome all experience levels, from those new and curious, to those who have flown a time or two.
Follow:   Fetlife Page   Fetlife Group  

Ritual Revolution
Alberta’s newest spiritual event
August 14 – 16, 2020
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Web Site:   https://fetlife.com/events/834846
Contact:   https://fetlife.com/users/10455862
Tagged:   Fetish, Camping
Hook suspensions, energy pulls, cleansing ceremonies and more. Tickets will go on sale starting November 1st, 2019. Accomodations available are mostly tent or RV camping. There are a limited number of indoor accommodations available that will be available for an extra cost.
Follow:   Fetlife Group  

Rocky Mountain Rebellion
Rebelling Against Stigma
August 23 – 25, 2019
Salt Lake City, Utah
Web Site:   http://www.rmrebellion.com/
Contact:   https://www.facebook.com/RockyMtnRebellion/
Tagged:   Leather, Fetish, BDSM
The Rebellion is a three day conference focused around Leather, Fetish, BDSM and Power Exchange Relationships. Home of the Rocky Mountain Puppy Trainer and Rocky Mountain Person of Leather contests.


Beyond Vanilla
Texas’ premier lifestyle kink event
September 27 – 28, 2019
Dallas, Texas
Web Site:   https://beyondvanilla.org/
Contact:   https://beyondvanilla.org/contact/
Tagged:   BDSM, Leather, Fetish, Pup
Presented by NLA – Dallas. South Central Puppy and Handler Contest.

KiSS Equinox Ball
Erotic Ball, Fetish Presentations
September 27, 2019
St. Paul, Minnesota
Web Site:   https://www.kinquesocialsociety.com/
Info:   Kinquesocialsociety@gmail.com
Tagged:   Fetish
Presented by Kinque Social Society. Fetlife

Wasteland Weekend
10th year. The world’s largest post-apocalyptic festival
September 25 – 29, 2019
Edwards, California
Web Site:   http://www.wastelandweekend.com/
Tagged:   Fetish, Camping
Music, dancing, car show, costuming. Video: There’s a Party At The End Of The World

The official Saturday Night Dance Party of Folsom Street Fair
September 29, 2018
San Francisco, California
Web Site:   https://www.folsomstreetevents.org/magnitude/
Contact:   https://fortmason.org/event/magnitude/
Tagged:   Fetish
2019 date TBA

Folsom Street Fair
Worlds Largest Leather Event, Sunday
September 29, 2019
San Fransisco, California
Web Site:   https://www.folsomstreetevents.org/folsom-street-fair/
Tagged:   Leather, BDSM, Fetish, Parade, Pony
250,000 fetish enthusiasts spread out over 13 city blocks. Keep an eye on the Calendar

After Folsom Fuck Fest
September 29, 2019
San Fransisco, California
Web Site:   https://fetlife.com/events/283816
Tagged:   Leather, BDSM, Fetish, Parade, Pony
6:00 PM – 4:00 AM at Power Exchange. We know that a lot of you will be coming to Folsom, but… How many of you came to cum?. $10 Discount if you mention you saw this party on FetLife!


Dommetrips Diversion
A fetish vacation by the water
October 12 – 19, 2019
Cozumel, Mexico
Web Site:   http://dommetrips.com/
Takeover – indoor and outdoor dungeons. Fetlife Event page

Calgary Kinky Flea Market
October 19, 2019
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Web Site:   https://ca.groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/albertasocietyforkink/info
Contact:   https://fetlife.com/events/826712
Tagged:   Vendor Faire, Fetish, BDSM
Presented by Alberta Society For Kink. Contact Dennis at masdenask@gmail.com, Sharon s.mclaren@outlook.com, call 403 398 9968. Forest Heights Community Centre, 4909 Forego Avenue SE, Calgary.

Liquid Red Las Vegas Thunderdome Nightmare Ball
October 19, 2018
Las Vegas, Nevada
Web Site:   http://liquidredlv.com/
Info:   liquidredlv@gmail.com
Tagged:   Fetish
Post-apocalyptic attire suggested but not required. LGBTQ+ friendly/ pansexual event. 21+. Tickets

Fetish and Fantasy Halloween Ball
October 26, 2019
Las Vegas, Nevada
Web Site:   http://www.halloweenball.com/
Possibly the wildest adult Halloween party in the USA.

Fetish Halloween Ball
at The Imperial
October 26, 2019
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Web Site:   http://sincityfetishnight.com/
Contact:   http://sincityfetishnight.com/contact-us/
Tagged:   Fetish
Get advance access to tickets when they go on sale … Sign up for the Sin Newsletter via the web site. Dress To Kill / Dress To Die For / Fetish Dress Code Enforced / No Cheesy Non-Kinky Non-Fetish Halloween Costumes. Haunted Forest decor installation. Costume contest – $1000 in prizes. Vendors on site. Fetish and Burlesque stage shows.
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Ms Sacramento Leather Contest 2019
October 26, 2019
Sacramento, California
Web Site:   https://www.mssacramentoleather.com/
Contact:   https://www.mssacramentoleather.com/contactus
Tagged:   Leather
Ms Sacramento Leather provides representation, outreach, service and education to the Sacramento Valley Area leather, fetish, and kink communities.
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NorCal Exotic Erotic Ball
a fresh twist on the classic
October 26, 2019
Santa Rosa, California
Web Site:   https://norcalexoticerotic.com/
Tickets:   https://norcalexoticerotic.eventbrite.com
Tagged:   Fetish
At The Flamingo Resort and Hotel 2777 4th street Santa Rosa, a night filled with burlesque, comedy, and variety performances Guest speakers from NCSF, vendors.
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42 events in Western North America.

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Nice So Fetish #4
23 – 25 Novembre, 2019
Nice, France
Web Site:   http://www.evidence-fetiche.com/js_events/nice-so-fetiche-4/
Tickets:   http://www.evidence-fetiche.com/js_events/packages/
Schedule:   http://www.evidence-fetiche.com/js_events/program/
Tagged:   Leather
Organised by Evidence Fetiche, the Nice So Fetiche weekend returns for it’s fourth outing, including the election of Mr Leatherman Evidence. Contest

BoundCon meets Feringa Park
1 – 3 November, 2019
Munich, Germany
Web Site:   http://bound1.events/
Info:   info@boundcon.com
Tagged:   Fetish, Rope
The 4th Munich Bondage Weekend

Europe’s biggest fetish fantasy event
November 30 – December 1, 2019
Amsterdam / Zaandam, Netherlands
Web Site:   https://www.wasteland.nl
Tagged:   Fetish


Fetish Pride Italy 2019
6 – 8 December, 2019
Naples, Italy
Web Site:   https://www.lcroma.com/en/fetish-pride-italy-2019-7th-edition/
Tagged:   Leather
LC Roma’s annual Fetish Pride Italy, with plenty of parties, meals, sightseeing and more!


BDSM Winter Retreat
Unfortunately, the winter retreat 2019-2020 will not take place due to insufficient registrations.
December 28, 2019
Jagniatkow, Jelenia Gora, Poland
Web Site:   https://7sensesart.com/en/all-events/viewevent/92-winter-retreat-2019-2020-jagniatkow
Tagged:   Fetish, BDSM
An opportunity to explore the fusion of creativity, BDSM, and sex, in a minimally structured environment.


Leather and Fetish Pride Belgium
10th Year
20 – 25 February, 2019
Antwerp, Belgium
Web Site:   https://www.leatherpride.be/
Tagged:   Leather, Fetish, Rope
Darklands. Alphas vs Xtreme, Fusion, and Rage parties. Contest. Ten host hotels.


Mister Rubber Italy 2019
#strongertogether weekend
6 – 7 Aprille, 2019
Rome, Italy
Web Site:   https://www.lcroma.com/en/mister-rubber-italy-2019/
Contact:   https://www.lcroma.com/en/contact-us/
Tagged:   Leather, Fetish

BLF Easter in Berlin
17 – 23 April, 2019
Berlin, Germany
Web Site:   https://www.easterberlin.de/de/easter-berlin
Contact:   https://www.easterberlin.de/en/easter-berlin
Tagged:   Fetish, Rope
Various venues, Berlin, Germany

Fetish Evolution Weekend
19 – 22 April, 2019
Essen, Germany
Web Site:   http://fetishevolution.com/en/
Tagged:   Fetish

The Femdom Weekend London 2020
Putting the Femme back into Femdom
April 23 – 27, 2020
London, United Kingdom
Web Site:   http://www.clubfemdom.co.uk/
Tagged:   Fetish
An Annual Celebration of the Dominant Feminine Form and those who delight in serving Her. The emphasis of the weekend is on style, Sisterhood and high protocol service.


BoundCon Europe
BoundCon XVII
22 – 24 May, 2020
Munich, Germany
Web Site:   http://www.boundcon.com/
Info:   info@boundcon.com
Tagged:   Fetish, Rope


German Fetish Ball
17th year!
May 29 – June 2, 2019
Berlin, Germany
Web Site:   http://www.german-fetish-ball.com/
Tagged:   Fetish
Fetish Weekend: Models, Expo, Parties. Uniforms, Latex, PVC, Glamour – Dress to Impress! Fetlife Event


Fetish Week
6 – 14 July, 2019
London, United Kingdom
Web Site:   https://www.fetishweek.com/
Contact:   https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdpJO7hcImXhhJ62V-c8KunUFbmwdTr3ihxu0euNfWSCvJwHQ/viewform
Tagged:   Fetish
Leather, Gear, Pup, and more. Walk in London Pride. Sponsored by Recon.com. Click on Contact link to submit an Event – deadline is 28TH FEBRUARY 2019.

Summer Fetish Social in Brussels
Hosted by MSC Belgium
19 July, 2019
Brussels, Belgium
Web Site:   https://www.facebook.com/events/2481260081915227/
Tagged:   Leather, Fetish
Come and get together at La Reserve for the summer Fetish Social in Brussels!


Castlefest 2019
August 1 – 4, 2019
Kasteel Lisse, Netherlands
Web Site:   https://www.castlefest.nl/
Tagged:   Fetish, Camping
Waan je in een compleet andere wereld op Castlefest, het Fantasy festival van Nederland. Een feest voor jong en oud, waarbij je, zodra je de poorten doorgaat, een andere wereld instapt. Castlefest is een totaalbeleving met veel muziek, fantasy schrijvers, catering in stijl, middeleeuwse ambachten en een grote markt met alles waar de Fantasy-liefhebber naar op zoek is. Who from Fetlife is going?

25 August, 2018
Uitgeest (near Amsterdam), Netherlands
Web Site:   http://www.dominatrix.nl/
Tagged:   Fetish
National and international fetish models, designers, artists and a lot of movie and music industry VIP’s, give this event her international glam. But despite of all these big names, from all around the world, Dominatrix has been able to maintain the warm friendly atmosphere and Dominatrix is often described as a huge fetish family reunion!


Folsom Europe
11 – 15 Sept, 2019
Berlin, Germany
Web Site:   http://folsomeurope.info/
Tagged:   Leather, Fetish, Parade
Since its first year in 2004. Folsom Europe has become a world-famous fetish event with a huge street fair and lots of parties. This year, Europe’s largest gay fetish event will take place at various venues across Berlin. Tens of thousands of guys in leather & fetish gear will be walking the streets in the Berlin-Schöneberg district. Expect a long weekend of fun. freedom and sleaze in one of the world’s most vibrant capitals.

Klub Verboten
Starting our 2nd year
September 15, 2018
London, United Kingdom
Web Site:   http://klubverboten.com/
Contact:   https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/klub-verboten-n-xii-2y-anniversary-tickets-48529939355
Tagged:   Fetish
Latex, Rubber, PVC, Leather, Metal, Nylon, Lace, Drag, Chains, Studs & Naked Skin. Fetlife

Bondage Fetish World
27 – 29 Sept 2019
Hofheim, Germany
Web Site:   https://www.bofewo.com/
Contact:   https://www.facebook.com/bofewo/
Tagged:   Fetish, Vendors
Zum 5ten mal öffnet die BoFeWo ihre Tore. Über 100 Aussteller aus dem In- und Ausland sowie über 20 Performer sorgen für ein abwechlungsreiches Wochenende. Natürlich gibt es auch wieder die tollen Workshops.

Lisbon Meets Fetish 2019
LMF 19
26 – 29 Setembro, 2019
Lisboa, Portugal
Web Site:   https://gearclubportugal.wixsite.com/home/lisbon-meets-fetish-2019
Contact:   https://www.facebook.com/events/710028529356757/
Tagged:   Fetish
Hosted by Gear Club Portugal


Fetish Film Festival
Film Festival, Dates Vary
Kiel, Germany
Web Site:   http://www.fetisch-film-festival.de

London Fetish Weekend
4 – 7 October, 2018
London, United Kingdom
Web Site:   http://www.londonfetishweekend.com/events/
Tagged:   Fetish
Market, Ball, Formal Fetish Dinner, other events.

Manchester Leather Weekend 2018
5 – 8 October, 2018
Manchester, United Kingdom
Web Site:   https://www.facebook.com/MLWeekend/
Contact:   https://www.latenightcruisingnyc.com/gay-leather-parties-2018.html
Tagged:   Leather, Fetish
Multiple venues in and around the Manchester gay village.

Maspalomas Fetish Week
The only European gay fetish event by the beach!
4 – 13 October, 2019
Gran Canaria, Spain
Web Site:   http://www.maspalomasfetishweek.com/
Schedule:   https://www.facebook.com/pg/FetishWeek/events/?ref=page_internal
Tagged:   Fetish, Pup
Maspalomas Fetish Week is one of Europe’s biggest get-togethers for guys who think of leather, uniforms, rubber, sports clothes and other kinky stuff as an act of liberation rather than a costume. Puppy Pub Crawl Oct 7. Piss night Oct 4.
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Rubber Cult
6 October, 2018
London, United Kingdom
Web Site:   http://www.rubbercult.com/
Contact:   https://www.facebook.com/RubberCult
Tagged:   Rubber
Rubber ONLY dress code event. Happens during London Fetish Weekend. Rubber cabaret and other entertainment.

Eccentric Fashion Weekend
9 – 13 Oktober, 2019
Zurich, Switzerland
Web Site:   http://www.eccentric-fashion.ch/
Tagged:   Fetish
Latex, Paint, Vynil, Leather, Plastic

Mister Leather Europe 2019
10 – 13 Oct, 2019
Rome, Italy
Web Site:   https://www.lcroma.com/it/roma-2019-mister-leather-europe-ecmc-agm-4/
Tagged:   Leather
Si svolgerà a Roma, dal 10 al 13 Ottobre 2019, il concorso di Mister Leather Europe e la ECMC AGM, la conferenza annuale di tutte le associazioni gay leather & fetish.

HustlaBall Berlin Weekend
16th HustlaBall Berlin
18 – 22 October, 2018
Berlin, Germany
Web Site:   https://www.hustlaball.de/
Tagged:   Fetish
HustlaBall will happen Friday 19th October at the Kitkat Club.

Prague Fetish Weekend
October 17 – 20, 2019
Prague, Czech Republic
Web Site:   http://fetishweekend.cz/
Vendors, Dresscode party

Fetish & BDSM Festival VIII – 2019
Hangar 43
25 – 26 October, 2019
Baasrode, Dendermonde, Belgium
Web Site:   https://www.fetishfestival.be/
Contact:   https://www.fetishfestival.be/contact.html
Tagged:   Fetish
And MGP party.
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La Nuit Dèmonia
27 Octobre, 2018
Paris, France
Web Site:   http://www.nuitdemonia.com/
Tagged:   Fetish
Dresscode latex, wetlook, vinyle et cuir. Une soirée de 1 500 personnes, où vous pourrez jouer en toute liberté, danser sur de la musique alternative, et profiter et profiter des animations et shows gratuits.

Leather Pride Amsterdam 2018
25 – 28 October, 2018
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Web Site:   http://www.leatherpride.nl/
Tagged:   Leather
The biggest leather party in The Netherlands. Thousands of leather and fetish fans descend on Amsterdam each year for this hugely popular festival. A long weekend of events both indoor and outdoor is planned – including the main party @ ‘Damage’

25 – 27 October, 2019
London, United Kingdom
Web Site:   http://www.sexpo.co.uk/
Contact:   https://twitter.com/SexpoUK
Tagged:   Sex, Fetish
Vendors, entertainment, demonstrations, fetish playroom, more. Click here for social media info

33 events in Europe.

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December 31, 2019
South Africa
Web Site:   http://sexpo.co.za/
Contact:   https://twitter.com/sexposafrica
Tagged:   Sex, Fetish
Vendors, entertainment, demonstrations, fetish playroom, more. 2019 dates TBA. Click here for writeup of a previous year

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Australia / New Zealand


November 8 – 10, 2019
Melbourne, Australia
Web Site:   https://www.sexpo.com.au/
Contact:   https://twitter.com/sexpoaustralia
Tagged:   Sex, Fetish
Vendors, entertainment, demonstrations, fetish playroom, more. Planned events will be announced on this page, on Twitter, and on their mailing list Sarah Jessie, Buck Angel, Johnny Sins, Joanna Angel, Jessica Drake. Magic Men!

Christchurch Fetish Ball
November 16, 2019
Christchurch, New Zealand
Web Site:   http://www.thefetishball.com/christchurch/
Contact:   http://www.thefetishball.com/christchurch/contact-us/
Tagged:   Fetish
This years Ball is our 20th Birthday so expect to be thrilled by the shows and astounded by costumes. Dress in either Fetishwear, a costume of your choice, or over the top dressed to the nines. This year we are encouraging a sense of High Society in our event. The venue will be fully decked out in style, and the acts will follow suit.
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June 12 – 14, 2020
Sydney, Australia
Web Site:   https://www.sexpo.com.au/
Contact:   https://twitter.com/sexpoaustralia
Tagged:   Sex, Fetish
Vendors, entertainment, demonstrations, fetish playroom, more. Planned events will be announced on this page, on Twitter, and on their mailing list


August 2 – 4, 2019
Brisbane, Australia
Web Site:   https://www.sexpo.com.au/
Contact:   https://twitter.com/sexpoaustralia
Tagged:   Sex, Fetish
Vendors, entertainment, demonstrations, fetish playroom, more. Planned events will be announced on this page, on Twitter, and on their mailing list

Miss Nude Australia
August 27 – 29, 2019
Adelaide, Australia
Web Site:   https://www.missnudeaustralia.com.au/
Info:   contact@crazyhorse.com.au
Tagged:   Sex, Fetish
Miss Nude Australia is the most recognised and prestigious competition of Showgirls in Australia with heats held in every state and finals being held for three nights in Adelaide at the Crazy Horse Revue. It’s main focus is the art of striptease. The winner and first runner-up from each state travel to Adelaide’s Crazy Horse Revue to participate in the world-class Miss Nude Australia competition. tel:08 8231 2064


September 11 – 13, 2020
Perth, Australia
Web Site:   https://www.sexpo.com.au/
Contact:   https://twitter.com/sexpoaustralia
Tagged:   Sex, Fetish
Vendors, entertainment, demonstrations, fetish playroom, more. Planned events will be announced on this page, on Twitter, and on their mailing list

Oz KinkFest
Year 12
September 13 – 23, 2019
Melbourne, Australia
Web Site:   https://www.ozkinkfest.com/
Tagged:   BDSM, LGBTQ+
Australia’s Ultimate GLBTIQ and Alternative Lifestyle Festival features vendors, 2 day educational series, club nights, and fetish fun. Fetlife Event is for the Fetish Expo, Saturday 14 September 2019 12 noon – 7 pm, Collingwood Town Hall, 140 Hoddle Street, Abbotsford.
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7 events in Australia / New Zealand.

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Multiple Locations

Various Dates

International Deaf Leather
25+ years
Varies, International
Web Site:   http://www.internationaldeafleather.org/
Tagged:   BDSM, Camping, Fetish, Leather, Polyamory, Pony, Pup, Rope, AgePlay
See the Events tab on their web site for a list of major Leather events that are Sign Language & Voice Interpreted.

120+ events

While events listed on this page may be of interest to Leather, BDSM, Furry, Geeky, Kinky, Polyamory, Age Play, or other Alt communities, it is unlikely that all events will be of interest to everyone. Please take what is useful to you and ignore the rest.

Last updated: November 9, 2019 at 11:47 am

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