Feb 012009

Yesterday, i received an elected “honor”, one upon which was voted on – and one that i wanted to hand back.

As much as i’ve been trying to eschew labels, both positive and negative, i resist this one quite heartily.

i was named: Most Bratty

There are those that would say that “brat” is a good term. As a matter of fact, i’m friends with a number of people that incorporate it to different degrees as a badge of honor, some to the point of incorporating it into their screen names or personas.

That said, the idea of being called a brat simply repulses me. Perhaps it is the fact that i have younger children, and i would be mortified to think of my children being so ill behaved that they had earned this designation (and, by association, reflect poorly on my attempts at parenting).

i read and re-read the various definitions and simply cannot find anything that makes me look at it as anything favorable. i have been told that in the lifestyle, brat can have an entirely different connotation, but i’m not getting it; i’m just getting labeled with it!

i taunt. i tease. i tempt. i torment. But, i’d also like to think that i can be good, kind, giving, even occasionally obedient and respectful, particularly when well inspired. i try to be a positive, even if i don’t always succeed.

But, a brat?! Can anyone help me have a different view point? Or, i’ll take honest criticism: What scored me this “tag”, and how can i get rid of it?

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