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Below are some resources that can help you grow your organization to its fullest potential:

Tips for Advertising in Groups

  • Read the rules and “stickies” for the groups you are in. Many groups will allow you to introduce your organization, especially if it is not in direct conflict with the primary group. Eg A general discussion group on a fetish may let you post an introduction if you start a local group related to that fetish.
  • Introduce/promote your group in the appropriate local (state/province/country) thread(s). Include info such as: Group name, description, purpose; When, where you meet (or how to find out where); Contact information for leader(s) and/or greeter(s); Any suggestions or restrictions on conduct, attire, dress code, etc.
  • Advertise Your Small Group
  • FetLife Index of Groups
  • New Groups Announce Yourself!
  • All Things Kink – Free for organizations

Targeted Lists / Groups (if applicable, ensure your group is listed in these places)

Groups for Owners & Moderators

Makin’ it Pretty: Formatting posts, etc

Other Reading Suggestions

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  6 Responses to “Resources for Group Leaders”

  1. Question….why when you type in “Tupelo MS” do you get a listing that includes all of MS, TN, and AR?

    sort of distracting if you are traveling and just looking for something to do. A lot of people won’t go to the trouble sifting through extraneous info. Sort of defeats the purpose of the search….

    • Greetings dejah!
      Thank you for writing. Perhaps I am seeing something other than you are, but when put “Tupelo MS” into the search bar, it only pulled up the Mississippi thread. Could you please copy the URL from the post/page(s) that it pulls up so I may compare?

      What you may be seeing is that some groups in a state’s thread there can be groups for surrounding states. If a group’s description specifically states that it reaches out or has connections to multiple locations, I will include them. For instance, the Tri-state munch, listed in the Mississippi thread, has a membership in Mississippi, Tennessee and Arkansas. This particular group would be listed in all three states’ threads.

      I hope this helps!

  2. please tell me how i can post my group on here.

    • It’s very simple!
      1) Go to the page(s) applicable to your group;
      2) Double check that it is not already listed;
      3) Click on the “UPDATE” button at the top of the page or
      If there isn’t an update button, go there directly via this link;
      4) Complete the form, and it will get added.

      If all else fails, write to me directly at

      Thanks for asking!

  3. Hi, this is awesome!

    How do I get my Munch listed?

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